Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Our Easter festivities consisted of our own little family at our own little home. It was nice, actually. One Friday afternoon when Sterling worked and Will was napping, Ruthie and I dyed eggs. It was great! It was on-the-fly so we used Kool-Aid and regular crayons, but Ruth was in heaven, spent way more time with them than I expected, and we had a great time! Although, she was obsessed with putting every egg in every color, so they all were brown by the end. She liked them that way.

The Easter bunny came to our house and Ruthie was THRILLED! 

She got a Caillou board book and is in love with it. She's a big Caillou fan.

And bubbles! That she loved and loved and carried around for three days and when we went out to use them she promptly dumped them out. Awesome.
The Easter bunny had great timing, the kids needed some summer pajamas for Miami, all they had was sleeper pajamas!
The Easter bunny even hid eggs in daddy's boots!
This is what Will did from the very beginning. He held the pinwheel up above his head and grinned. All morning long. It was awesome.  

It was a fantastic Easter and the kids had a great morning. 

On a separate note, we've sold our car (that was quite the blessing!), been approved for one of the applications for our Miami apartment (enough that they asked us what paint we wanted and started painting already-yay!), decided our moving date, planned out our last activities with family and friends, gone through our schedules for work, doctor appointments for me and the kids, dental appointments all around, and have a big list of all the other little details that need to happen before the big move. Last night as some of these major decisions were happening it all felt so real. We are MOVING. To MIAMI. Sterling was wondering what he would do in the two weeks between when we get there and when school starts (because apparently getting financial aid, deep cleaning our apartment, setting up bookshelves and unpacking, buying groceries, and everything else wasn't enough) and I reminded him our apartment complex has a swimming pool. Instantaneous happiness. It's going to be awesome.

 Now Sterling and I are going to put the kids to bed, make menus for the next month, pull everything out of our food storage that we'll need for those meals, and then pack the rest. I'm trying to remind myself how thankful I am that our food storage is so ginormous.

PS Today at my appointment my OB said he'd move to Miami to deliver my baby. Check and check.

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