Sunday, April 12, 2015

8 months

Little Miss Molly is eight months old. For some reason I find this utterly ridiculous and unfathomable and absolutely unjust. She may be tiny and petite and weigh nothing at all, but she is getting BIG! And that time machine everyone keeps talking about? Still hasn't happened. Long-suffering sigh.

We keep telling her curiosity killed the cat, but she doesn't listen. She can climb up stairs (ours are tile so that is especially unkind), stick her hand in the cracker bag and munch right along with her siblings, screech high enough to split our eardrums, and scrunch her nose hilariously. She touches and inspects everything she comes across very thoroughly, switching it back and forth from hand to hand (my other kids just stuffed things into their mouths, haha) and is big on the I-throw-it-on-the-ground-you-pick-it-up game. She also loves peek-a-boo, fruit loops, key lime pie (!) and chocolate ice cream (I couldn't resist. And really, I never followed the no sugar rule with my kids. Oops.)

She is overly loved by everyone, but especially Will, who demanded to be in these photos. Toddler sibling love is very rough, but if they can survive it I believe they can be the best of friends, right?! 

She has six teeth, with two more almost popped through on the bottom. She inches around like an inchworm, but can get onto her knees and move--I think she sticks to inching because of the hard tile on her knees. She loves the water and especially loves when she gets the tub all to herself because then she can splash without any repercussions! She loves to stand. Is ridiculously independent. More than a little bit of a mama's girl, and OH I JUST LOVE HER!


I put in this photo because one of the things I love about Will is how he puts his arms around my neck and just SQUEEZES so tight! It's the best.
I was trying to get Molly happy for a photo, but she wasn't having it. Will, however, wouldn't leave the picture taking extravaganza.

Sterling was sick today so I sat by this couple who is about  my parents age because they will sometimes help me with my kids. She played with Will for the first half hour and then held Molly for the second. Thank you nice lady! Everyone just loves Molly SOOOO much! Her little tiny body doing such big-girl things is just enchanting. Sterling and I both agree that our favorite thing is how she falls asleep. She starts cooing really loud and endlessly and snuggles into your shoulder and just keeps at it. It's the warmest, softest, sweetest snuggling ever and I just hope she never grows out of it! We love our Molly Fay SOOOO much!


Kami said...

So cute! She's adorable!

Anonymous said...

Cute pics. Will is so cute in them and Molly. I LOVE the pic of you - the first one. You are beautiful!!!
Well all of them, but your smile in the first is so beautiful.
Love you.