Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring Break-The Keys Day 4

We had to break down camp and I was sad to say goodbye. We wanted to swim one more time in the pool, but we also wanted another beach day. We put it to a vote and the beach won again. We talked about Bahia Honda beach for a while, because we had heard it was pretty great but it costs to get in so we ended up going back to Sombrero Beach. Ruthie wanted to play on the playground again anyway. It was a windy day and there was a lot more seaweed, so I was kind of sad, but we still had a marvelous time in the sand and the sun.
Molly decided she liked baby food for a second and ate almost half of a can of the little baby cheese sticks. So happy.
Our neighbors at the beach took pity on Ruthie and let us use all of their beach toys. It was so great. New toys brought a whole new level of awesome to the sand and kept them occupied for several hours!

I know, I know, a pitiful amount of pictures after the two days before! It was a great day though, we just tried to soak in all the good feelings as much as we could before we had to leave! The kids played on the playground for quite some time, and then we stripped them down in the outdoor showers (sh!) so that they didn't have to be all sandy and salty for the drive home. Which took forever because in my planning to have everyone home in time for dinner I didn't take rush hour traffic into account. Sigh. The sign as we drove out of Key Largo said "Say goodbye to paradise, welcome back to reality." It really could not have been a better trip. We slowed down, played, enjoyed, relaxed, and rested. 

OH YEAH and right as we left Key Largo we stopped for Mrs. Mac's Kitchen WORLD FAMOUS Key Lime Pie. We had meant to stop the day before but decided it was too late, so we put it off for the last day. It's probably a good thing or we would have kept going back. I wanted to go back in and buy an entire pie immediately after eating one piece! When the GPS told us 34 miles to home (that took forever in traffic) Sterling said "That is just bad to know that pie that good is only 34 miles away." 

(The only place we didn't try that we wanted to was the Stuffed Pig. Some other tourists told us it was this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant on Marathon Key and they gave such rapturous reviews we wanted to try it, but then we realized it closed at 2 and we were already too late. So, I think that means we have to go again! I also feel like we would be great tour guides now to anyone who wants to come visit--come visit so we can go back! Oh, also, Sanibel Island was HIGHLY recommended by other tourists, to the point that I am now dying to go!)

Best Spring Break ever. Good thing too, cause it's our very last! Sterling doesn't get another Spring Break, or any break really, from here on out, which is just another reason I am so happy we got to go! 

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