Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Will is usually the first one awake in our house (minus Sterling when he has school) and he usually just gets out of bed and goes downstairs to play with toys by himself. I wanted to make sure he didn't accidentally stumble onto everyone's easter bags, so I think I slept half awake that night, haha. I woke up to him turning on the hallways light to head downstairs and I leaped out of bed! I think I scared him to death. Then I told him the easter bunny had been here and he needed to wake Ruthie up before we could go downstairs. Man, was he ever excited! (He's usually not allowed to wake Ruthie up.)

Once downstairs the kids needed a little direction on how to 'look' for their bags, but once they found the first one, they were good to go! Everyone got their candy and three Dr.Seuss board books and they loved them!
Molly was thrilled, as you can see, haha! 
He was such an excited boy all morning!

Ruth and Will were lucky ducks and had big ol' chocolate bunnies in their bags.

Saturday and Sunday were General Conference (check it out at lds.org) for our church. Conference Sunday should have been relaxed. The morning was wonderful. But the afternoon...was not. The time change makes afternoon session really difficult. 4-6pm is when the kids are eating dinner, getting ready for bed, and getting really fussy and ornery. So pretty much we have both afternoon sessions to catch up on. What we did hear was amazing and full of wisdom and a good reminder of all things important. We did go outside for a walk in-between sessions to change things up a bit for the kids.
Look at those six teeth!

A couple of weekends ago Will got a big kid bed. He had been sleeping on the floor on his crib mattress since he had learned to crawl out of his crib. He only fell out once on the second night and since then he's done great. But the other night I went to check on him and instead of being in bed he was curled up in the chair next to his bed. Silly boy.

His bed with the Little Engine that Could quilt that Grandma Cindy made. It's the perfect thickness for the Miami heat.

My kids being crazies.
 I am so grateful we had such a wonderful week to spend time together as a family and really reduce the stress around these parts. It worked out perfectly that it was Easter and Conference weekend and we could just continue to relax at home and spend more time together. As an adult, General Conference is something I really look forward to not only listening to, but also continuing to study (and stick all the quotes on our bathroom mirror) because I know the prophet and the general authorities are called and inspired by God to give us direction for our own personal lives and to help us return to His presence. 

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