Monday, April 27, 2015

Summer Lovin', Happened So Fast!

It's hot, guys.
It was close to a hundred degrees on Sunday. Plus, 40% chance of rain. Which means the humidity is INSUFFERABLE, but not quite enough to actually rain and give any sort of relief. Although, bless the Miami breeze!

It's been a little while since we went swimming, due to a week long thunderstorm (I swear, Miami!) so the sunshine today, as well as our cabin fever, drove us outside. Because nothing says summer like FHE at 6pm poolside, right? 

Or maybe the ENTIRE watermelon (a small one, but still) that my kids ate for dinner said summer even more? On that same thread, it's too hot to cook again. We've resorted to things like chicken salad sandwiches for....multiple, ahem....meals. Tonight though, OH MY GOODNESS!!!! We had cream cheese, pesto, and sliced tomatoes on top of little baguettes. The pesto tasted really good. Different than I anticipated, since I couldn't find sorell in any of the stores (we got it last time from a farmer's market) and I resorted to making up my own recipe that included cilantro, which is a totally different taste. It turned out delicious though, nonetheless, and I felt very fancy eating my little baguette slices for dinner. My kids ate their bread with colby jack slices, but ya know, you win some you lose some. 

They'd been getting on each other's nerves all day long. They really needed a pool break to get all of that out of their system in a somewhat happier method, right?!?! (maybe that was just for my benefit.)
I spy.
THIS GIRL! Oh she is just at the most perfect stage right now! That baby soft skin, her snuggles, her smiles, her coos, her babbles, her facial expressions and crawling and standing and learning! I just love it all so, so much!

Will is back in Master Floater Extraordinaire mode. 
He spent about fifteen minutes like this, looking absolutely dead. No joke. I had to check on him a few times and make sure he responded.
Dad joined for FHE! (In Miami, when it's too hot to think, the best thing is to go to the pool, even for FHE.) And look at Ruth's crazy flip skills!

Love her plugged nose.

Sometimes a big brother just has to do what a big brother has to do. Luckily, Molly didn't mind too much.
Everybody jump!
Except Will didn't get the memo.

Again, Will didn't get the memo.
There we go.

That! That open-mouthed crazy grin is what I am always trying to catch on camera and she NEVER lets me. Such a cutie!

She is just the absolute cutest!
Okay, that swim diaper coming out of that swimsuited little bum might be the cutest thing ever. Molly is learning the 'bear crawl' to save her knees from the hard surfaces.
"Did you just take a picture of my bum, mom?"

On our way home we ran into our neighbor, Tiago (who I teach piano lessons to and we have almost weekly playdates with now) on his new ride. It's all Will can talk about now. 
We sent little brother along to chaperone.
Supermodel smile, right there.
She even threw in the supermodel wave!
Someone let that girl behind the wheel.
Based on those faces? My kids should never drive. Ever. A little too much wickedness mixed in with that elated excitement, hahaaa!
All in all, it was a stupendous night. 


Kayli said...

They are so cute in that truck! Orrin said, "I wish we had one of those, then we would go off-road." :)

Molly is adorable. As are all your kids.

kami said...

Super cute!