Thursday, November 19, 2015

Backyard Play+Mini Festival

Several of these are blurry. I think it's a combination of being dusk and the kids moving so quickly. But Ruthie and her twirling is simply the sweetest.

They thought they were so funny. I can't even remember what they were playing now.
WILL'S FACE!!!!! Heart eyes all over the place.
She rides this little car around all the time, but she can only push backwards. It's pretty adorable.
She also tries to scooter all the time, but doesn't really go anywhere.
Our friends' complex was having a massive garage sale/little festival with food trucks, so we decided to come join for lunch. It was quite impressive and we had a lot of fun! 
That purple hat. I am still in awe. Also, I was SUPER impressed with how still Will sat.
Ruth saw a couple of girls with butterfly faces when we first got there and she was dying with excitement. She decided to go with a 'princess' face and she was OVER THE MOON about the jewel they put on.

Tough call between Captain America and Batman, but Batman won out and he LOVED it!

I have to say, that massive bucket of nachos is the best $7 I ever spent, haha.
Molly mucho nacho lover.
That face has to be the prettiest thing ever. Oh, I love her!
And that's it for the random assortment of pictures, folks.


Bridget Cunningham said...

Looks like your back patio is a huge success! Also those nachos look so good right now!!

Anonymous said...

Fun pics. Ruth and Will's face is priceless. Oh, how I miss you all and want to hug them this instant!
Love , Mom