Thursday, November 19, 2015


We FINALLY got Christmas decorations up! We usually do it the first FHE of November, but it was already into the second week when Sterling asked why we hadn't put them up yet. Hmmm, cause we are SOOOO crazy busy I haven't even had a chance to think about it yet!??!?! 

We really have had a TON going on. It's been a pretty big emotional roller coaster over in these neck of the woods and we've had a LOT of big decisions coming our way. A big culmination of a semesters' worth of decisions, really. A semesters' worth of roller coaster-ing. Luckily, we are feeling pretty awesome about life now and are hoping to enjoy all the holiday excitement and joy to the fullest. So... we got our decorations up!
Ruthie putting the star on top!
She totally destroyed our tinsel/beads. Oh well.
As per our usual, for the past couple of years, the Fisher Price nativity was the main event and heralded with great excitement. The kids haven't stopped playing with it since. I am SOO glad every year when we pull it out that we decided to get it when our kids were babies so they could enjoy it so much. And I love that it brings in a little bit more of the true spirit of Christmas. 

My favorite thing every year is our stockings. I just love them SOOOOOOOO much!!!!
We put our wreath inside our door so it wouldn't get wrecked by rain. I like how festive it makes our living room!

Sterling remembered we had a strand of outdoor lights from a couple apartments ago and decided to run upstairs and surprise the kids. He put it on the railing outside their bedroom sliding door. They LOOOOVE it! 

Here's what it looks like from outside:
Can't get any more Floridian than Christmas lights and palm trees!
We started a new tradition and had hot apple cider while we were setting things up. Sterling went to Michigan on his mission and always RAVES about the apple cider they'd have there with specific 'dipping' cinnamon doughnuts. Nothing compares, obviously. But since he always emphasizes how the cider should have 'chunks' and not be completely liquid, I decided to try out the Sam's Club version when I saw it. He approved, so that was fun!

The next part you can just scroll through, but my sister Kami asked to see what my stockings look like. They are my Christmas pride and joy. I bought a book to make them for myself, realized it was a little out of my crocheting league(you have to use two strands of yarn at once?!- and asked a friend to make them for me. She exceeded all expectations and I am just SO HAPPY every single time I look at them. Thanks Bry! And here you are Kami:
Mine. The lacey ribbon yarn she used on the toe and heel is very soft and plush looking. It is my favorite. I adore my stocking.
Sterling picked out his color and his stocking. I like it. I think it looks manly.
Molly gets the peppermint/candy cane one.
Will gets the court jester one. I think it was a little bit unfinished from the original version, but I still LOVE it.
Ruth's snowflake stocking. I love this one so much. This is the one that turned me off from doing it. You have to use a regular strand of yarn along with a glitter strand of yarn and since they stretch differently I was having all SORTS of problems. When you see it in real life it sort of shimmers. So pretty.
Now we are in full swing Christmas spirit over here! And lest you be of the scrooge-y variety, Christmas spirit does not interfere with Thanksgiving spirit. No, joy and thanksgiving and love and excitement abounds for ALL of November AND December around these parts! It's one big roll of happiness!


Bridget Cunningham said...

Good job! I'm a total Scrooge, I don't even want to put our tree up this year hahaha horrible I know! I like Ruth's scary shirt in the Christmas pics 😂😂

kami said...

Those look so cute! And I love the pictures of your kids playing dead.

Anonymous said...

Cool.. I didn't know you had your tree up - in all our conversations! Love the pics. And your stockings are awesome.
Love you. Mom