Friday, November 13, 2015

But first, the Beach

Just looking at that photo makes we want to go back immediately. The shimmer of the sun on the waves. The sand that felt like walking in chalk dust. The beautiful, endless sky. Oh beach, I love you.

Pretty sure Molly is eating a shovelful of sand right here. Oops.

This is my favorite part. Where the waves stop having white caps and just gently roll in with that clean, clear beauty onto the clean, clear sand.

This is heaven.  

Tiny little person in my lap, eating slightly sand-covered licorice.
Gah it's just SOOOOOO beautiful!!!

Molly likes where the clear water meets the clear sand just as much as I did. She didn't walk over and play in the sand with the other kids at all, really. She was content to keep her feet in this gorgeous water. Who can blame her?

It looks like these really big waves are coming to eat her up. I promise they weren't.
That grin!

Their water hole/fountain that drained to the ocean.
And now our obligatory lunch under the palm trees after rinsing off in the splash pad. 
I will post about Will and asthma and the hospital soon. Probably tonight. But these beach pictures are just too enchanting to wait.


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Hey, remember how you live in Florida.. weirdest thing ever! I'm jealous! What fun memories for your kids