Friday, April 1, 2016

Back at the Pool!

It's been in the upper eighties for a couple weeks now, so I decided the pool has warmed up enough and we had a pool day!  It was a tad chilly--umm...think in Miami terms here--but if you were swimming around it was warm enough. The kids are down for LOOOONG naps, so I'd say it was a wonderful success!
Ruthie chillin' with her friends in the deep end. 
 I made Ruth wear her puddle jumper at first because it has been awhile since she's swam all alone. She jumped right in, floated on her front, her back, swam to the deep end, swam back, and declared herself ready to be floatie free again. She was AWESOME! She still can swim about as far as jumping in, turning, and swimming to the wall again, but it is great! 

When I found a puddle jumper that was small enough for this little lady I JUMPED on it! We tried it out in the water for a bit today and she was a little unsure about the whole situation. It didn't help that she was freezing--she has my genes--so we'll keep trying. I bet she has it in no time! 

Swimming to my friend Brooke in the deep end. We need to get that girl swimming lessons stat.

Matthew likes to give me hugs and hold my hand, so we're buds forever.

Brooke is an awesome friend, haahaahaa! 
Her little bum!!!!!
Towards the end of our time these three just went CRAZY jumping off over and over and over again. I was exhausted just watching them! 

Best childhood.

Will always popped out of the water with that HUGE grin on his face! 

The boys totally bailed on Ruth, haha. 
At the end Ruth perfected her 'twirly trick'. It was pretty rad. 

Some leftover ham for sandwiches, a few quick minutes in the tub, and a lot of napping kids=the perfect day. I am SOOO excited to hit up the pool on the regular now and escape this heat. I also made it to the gym this morning, but missed my class so I biked instead. While watching Gilmore Girls--yay for bikes with distracting tvs so I didn't even realize how hard I was working! Mostly I've been doing a body pump class that started out being so brutal. But I can do it now with beginner weights and not be sore afterwards, so I just upped my weights on Wednesday and was only a little sore! YAY! I love it so much. 

Oh yeah. We fed the missionaries on Wednesday (even put a singing birthday candle in one of the elders bowls of ice cream and sang to him! yay! the kids were thrilled.) and one was from Logan so we were talking about high schools. Then I asked him when he graduated. 2015. I officially feel like an old person. I'm still not over it. 

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the kids and the pool. They sure love the water.
Cute cute kids. Love them so much. Miss you all.