Monday, April 25, 2016

iPhone and Redlands Blues and BBQ Festival

This weekend Sterling and I went on a real, bonafide date. 
We hit up the Food Truck Invasion at Tropical Park and it was lovely. I was REALLY hoping they'd have the same Egyptian truck they had that Kayli and I ordered from. They didn't, but they had some other great options. I got a gyro that was delicious. Those things are just insanely good. Then I got some baclava because it has been over two years since I've tried some...and it was SOO delicious! Sterling tried The Porkie from a bbq truck. It had pulled pork, sauerkraut, and a poached egg on top. I thought about getting it, but thought that sounded a bit weird. Sterling tried it--and OH MAN! It is probably the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my entire life, excepting mom's chocolates and fudge, of course. Seriously. It was insanely delicious. We are already planning date night there the fourth Friday of every month for the next year that we live here. Because, it is a necessity. I was sad that I had eaten a gyro and filled up my belly with that, because I wanted more of The Porkie. I kid you not. 

After our date we came home and Will was sleeping like this. Usually he sleeps on the floor next to his bed, but he is the weirdest.
After the awesome food trucks, we headed to a movie. Thanks to Sterling donating blood, we had two free tickets! We opted for The Jungle Book, and we really liked it. The animation was incredible and the story was great. Mowgli (sp?) jumps several times in the movie without knowing what he is jumping into. There was a dad sitting beside us with his two girls and the first time Mowgli jumped, the dad goes "That was...bold." Haha. Sterling and I still laugh about it.

Saturday we cancelled our temple date due to Will needing nebulizer treatments, which ended up being awesome because Sterling cleaned three bathrooms while I swept up a jar that Molly broke, then broke another jar in the process and spent even longer cleaning up. Face palm.

We decided to get out of the house to try out the Redlands Blues and BBQ Festival at the Fruit and Spice Park. This is down Homestead direction--further south, more country atmosphere, and a nice break from the city.
All the crazy tropical fruits they grow in the park. I don't even know the names of any of them.
Sterling's a good dad to have around when you want to build funny structures with crazy parts.
Molly spent a large portion of her time sending balls down this little ramp.
Because it wouldn't be Florida without a gator. 
The blues music was TOO LOUD for Ruthie. And me. But this is gorgeous! 
After our success the night before, we couldn't help trying a bit of pulled pork from the stand that won first place. It was definitely good. Not as insanely delicious as the night before. But definitely up in the top five best bbq I've ever eaten. What REALLY stole the show was that smoked corn on the cob. It was sooooooo good. Then Ruthie scored a free bag of kettle corn which kept everyone happy, so that was fun! 
Banana tree. 
The garden of Eden.
It was insanely hot though. I am thinking we better stick to visiting the ocean for the next few months. 

The girls blowing bubbles on Sunday afternoon:
I love how Molly's looking at Ruthie. 
I had to add the black and white version because I love it SOOOO much. 

Some Just Dance on Sunday afternoon. Sterling's really patient with the kids. I gave up and read my book, haha.
Ruth with pink ice-cream and pink sprinkles. Her life was practically perfect in every way. 

Will at the library. He just looks SOOOOO big!
Those two.
Watching the turtle walk.
This cheeser.

Life is good. 


Bridget Cunningham said...

I'm so jealous of all your fun dates and food you two try! I love gyros I would've made the same mistake! Also the cook parks Florida has! What was that block building thing? So so cool! Anyway love the posts as always!!

Megan and Jared said...

If I ever make it to Florida I will be calling you for advice on what to do and where to eat :) love the posts!

Kami said...

I love the pictures of your two girls together. I want to eat something yummy now.