Friday, April 8, 2016

Sick+A Couple Kidisms

We have been sick around these parts. Monday I took the kids to the gym so I could go to my class and they told me not to come back until their runny noses were gone. Bummer. Will's got worse, which meant congestion, which meant difficulty breathing, which meant pulling out the trusty old nebulizer and giving him albuterol. It wasn't helping, but luckily we had a steroid they prescribed last hospital visit and we did that along with the albuterol and he seemed much better. It's what they would have done at the hospital anyway, so saved us a trip. I cannot WAIT until he can use an inhaler.  So we tried to stay home as much as possible to keep that kid from running around. To be honest, the only thing that keeps him still for any amount of time is the tv, so there was WAAAAAY too much of that this week. But then again, that's what sick days are all about.

Today we met up with some friends at the zoo. Lasted an hour before Will stopped listening and we had to go home. Sometimes it's a bad deal when you have to follow through on your punishments, haha. But I think both Molly and Will needed the long naps. It was great to see the sunshine for a minute!

Will would not say cheese, but Molly was lovin' it!
My kids really love looking for the sting ray (manta ray?). 
I know this is blurry, but she just looks too adorable. I also did an inside-out braid and was quite impressed with myself, haha. 
We watched one of the shows and they had this binturong, which I have never seen. They said most people just refer to it as a bear-cat. It's tail is SOOOO long and he uses it to wrap around the poles to keep his balance. He was cool.
The zoo guy was explaining why this bird is wild and NOT a good pet (it's the theme of this show) and gave us the example of his loud squawk. He had the bird demonstrate several times in a row. Then said that you wouldn't like to hear that all day, and neither would your neighbors. It sounded so much like Molly I almost died, HAHAHA. 
Luckily, she's much cuter than that bird.
We've had some crazy beautiful flowers in Miami lately, I want to stop the car and take pictures all of the time, but these yellow ones recently are just GORGEOUS. 

Ruth literally just said to me "Do you think it would be good to be a space robot in the ocean?"

The next photos are from my phone.
A while ago Sterling texted me an invite to this Kids Fantasy Theater at our local library. He said we should go. I thought it would be great and put it on the calendar. Then I realized one of my friends here was IN THAT theater troupe. And she is amazing. And turns out she was performing at that show! So of course we had to go!

The show was phenomenal! It was so fun to just pull out a blanket and camp out on the grass and it was all FREE. It was all about teaching kids not to waste or litter. So it was called the Three Mess-keteers and there was the Dirty Duke and the Queen of Clean and a sorcerer and the dragon, shown in the picture above with the bowing musketeer, and all sorts of fun things. Lots of audience interaction. The kids were GLUED to it the entire time. Except that dragon. I think it's adorable, Will was terrified. HAHAHA.

Before General Conference on Sunday (it starts at noon here) we took a walk at Black Pointe Marina and blew a TON of bubbles. The kids also gathered flowers for me and Will's little "Fow you, mama!" is the sweetest thing in my life.

Sterling and I made it to the temple last Friday night and it was gorgeous. We also saw our good friends the Van Leeuwens which was super fun!
Middle of the night nebulizer treatments. 
Ruth's portrait of Will. I LOVE everything about it. The legs and arms are so HILARIOUS.
 Yesterday I had to get out of the house so we went to ikea to get some more popsicle containers. I have wanted a rug for...a long time. But they are SOOOO expensive. Especially the ones I like. I actually looked at a couple sites online and all my favorites were over $1000. Oops. So when I passed this one that was almost half off and the last one, I couldn't help myself. It's just plain but it lightens up our room SOOO much and having SOFT REAL carpet is amazing. Oh carpet, how I miss you. Plus, the stuff we had been using that my dad had leftover from putting in the bed of his truck was starting to smell in places. No matter how well I cleaned it. I just don't think that material cleaned up that great.
Enjoying the softness.
Oh yeah, here's a great picture to show you all the rearranging I did last week. No more kitchen and toy box downstairs--it's all up in the bedroom!
We went to ikea to get more of these. It's hot. And we only had one set originally and six is just not enough popsicles. Ruth made the pudding and put all these in all by herself! Yay for such a great helper making us treats! 

Which reminds me, this is for you Bridget! The collages on my walls!

Now, for a couple of kid-isms that I put into my phone because I really need to be better at that.

me "Do you like our new big tv?" 
Ruth "Yeah! But daddy is so silly. He keeps asking Will if he likes our OLD tv and Will says yeah, but he doesn't even know that Daddy's being silly and saying OLD tv!" 
Sterling can't pull the wool over her eyes!

Will: "I'm wohrshty."
Sterling literally just looks at me every time he says this, haha. That's Will language for "I'm thirsty."

Ruth and Will are big on one specific farm puzzle right now. Molly sneaks up, steals one piece, jumps up, runs away as fast as she can (which is not fast at all but she definitely makes up for it in the speed of arm-pumping) and hides in the corner giggling away until Ruth and Will chase after her for the puzzle piece. Repeat 100x. Will even comes up to Molly and says "Molly, do you want to take my puzzle? I chase you!!!!"

Every time Will finishes going potty and I go to pull up his pants (which he can totally do by himself, but he insists on me helping), he kisses my heads, pats my hair and says "I wuv you mama" and I love it so much.

Will sleeps on the floor lately and takes naps in Ruth's bed. I'm unsure why we even have a bed for him.

Molly's pronunciation of Ruth "Phfoof!" is the cutest thing in my life. She is starting to get words really well lately. She says Will, "Wihw!" Juice "Duish!" Balloon "Bawoon!" Bubbles "Bubbllllllle." as well as her other ones. 

Ruth has recently learned On Top of Spaghetti and laughs her head off about it every. single. time. They also all learned I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home. Molly can do all the actions. When Ruth starts it out instead of singing "I'm so glad WHEN daddy comes" she sings "I'm so glad my daddy comes home" and I think it's adorable.

Ruthie was asking me how to make green beans last night at dinner. I said I made them with parmesan and butter. She said 'But how do you MAKE them?' I told her that you grow them in a garden, like grandma's. You plant a little seed and water it and it grows up in the dirt. Then, after inspecting hers for a minute she asks "But how do you get the BEANS inside of them?" Haha.


Kami said...

Ah cute stories. Glad you like your rug.

Bridget Cunningham said...

Ruth's drawing of will is the greatest thing ever! You're so awesome to have pictures printed on your walls! I love it so much!! I love your kidisms keep um coming! I love that will wants molly to steal the puzzle price hahahaha gosh I love those kids of yours!! Ps I'm loving your new stroller!