Monday, April 11, 2016

Sunday Walk by the Canal

There's this beautiful bridge over the canal (that runs all throughout Miami and is the reason traffic is so bad---you can't take back roads because the canal cuts you off) that we always drive past and say "We should go on a walk there sometime, it's beautiful!" but never have. Until this Sunday. To be honest, our destination was Matheson Hammock, but there was no parking available, so we just kept driving down Old Cutler Bay Hwy (gotta love Miami!). It worked out perfectly and was such a nice afternoon!
Oh to have a yacht in your back yard!!
Ruthie and Will watching the boats. A little fishing boat and a bigger boat went underneath the bridge while we were observing. You should have seen Will's excitement as he watched it disappear from one end, ran to the other side, and saw it again! HAHA!

Definitely worth visiting. GORGEOUS!

Sterling took about fifty of these. Hey, at least you can see my hair growing out! (which kind of makes me want to immediately chop it. I really need to take a course and learn to cut my own hair. That's really just the crux of the matter.)
Fountains are so beautiful!
And this girl is SOOOO cheesey!
We walked past a park and while we normally don't allow parks on Sunday--it was just so beautiful, and breezy, and EMPTY and we had never been there before, we let the kids check it out. Definitely worth visiting again!

This is my absolute favorite. They played this game the ENTIRE time. Ruth and Will yelling through the tubes at each other. They had fake names and everything. I was DYING.
Those two. And Ruth's crystal light mustache. :) My heart just warms up looking at them.
I went through a big cleaning purge the other day and cut off quite a few of my old jeans. I saved a couple. But really, we'll be here another three years and I wore jeans about fourteen times TOTAL in the past two years. I also tried to cut back on my hoodies. I got 11 down to 7. Good, no? I have a big bag to hand down to the nieces this summer. So that's good. I cut off two pairs of jeans, threw some in the niece's bag, and still have about five pairs. All from high school. That's kind of ridiculous. I kind of feel like wearing them nine years means I deserve to just throw them out and get new ones. Except I LIKE all those old jeans!!! Also---notice my new muscles from my gym classes? No? Yeah, neither does Sterling. He laughs at me every time I try to flex. But HEY I did over FORTY push-ups today. So take that.

And that, my friends, was our incredibly beautiful Sunday walk. Which was prefaced by a two hour nap while Ruthie watched VeggieTales and we all slept. The day ended with ice cream, Mario Kart, and popcorn. I don't think Sundays come much better than that. 

OHHHHH and the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF OUR WEEKEND---JENNY CAME HOME ON SATURDAY!!!! We got to FaceTime with her after a quick dip in the pool with daddy (it was a little brrrr, luckily Sterling was there to play with the kids while I chickened out) and it was so awesome! I wish we could see her right now, but I am SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED for this summer and spending time with her! We love you Jenny!!! And so did Paraguay!

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Kami said...

You look fabulous!! And 40 push-ups?!??!?! I've never been able to do that many in my entire life. I am not worthy. Too bad all of your hoodies will be too small for me. I have one--that's covered in paint. :(