Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Life Lately

GAH! Miami is sometimes so....Miami. We are supposed to move Friday. We probably won't know until the day of whether we can move that day or not. Luckily, we have until Tuesday in this apartment, but we needed the weekend to have Sterling to help us move! They are waiting for one board member to approve us to the HOA. It's harder moving into an apartment in Miami than buying a home in Utah. And that I will stick to. 

On the much brighter side of life, we've been trying really hard to enjoy our days beyond the boxes and the sunshine is fabulous. It is TRUE Miami summer now and it is RAINING almost every day, twice a day. It downpours. I forgot how you can walk into Target with the sun shining down, and come out to two inches of water because it can't go down the drains fast enough. Kinda fun though, minus the mosquitoes.

Molly looked adorable for church the other morning so I snapped pictures. But she kept trying to copy me--squatting down and showing me this hair tie she had in her hands. So, basically I didn't get even one decent picture, haha.

 BIG NEWS! Ruthie lost her VERY FIRST TOOTH! It was quite the ordeal. She had asked me to pull it out three days in a row, but then would chicken when I had tugged a little bit. It was completely off the back side, because the tooth growing in had pushed it out, but the front was holding on. The third night she asked me to pull it out, I did a little headlock so she couldn't squirm away and then gave it a little yank. She cried (I know, I'm a mean mom!) but as soon as she saw the tooth she was all smiles and it was worth the four seconds of pain, haha!

I told her to smile for the camera. Too soon? HAHAAHAA
Today I did a TON of packing after four piano lessons this morning (yay for summer so the piano students can come early!) and at four o'clock in the afternoon, when I would normally be cooking dinner, I decided we should go for a swim. It was a very good decision. Also, it's usually raining around that time, so we had to take advantage of the sun!

The water was in his eyes the entire time but he would not take them off!
There was another family there with a little girl the same age as Molly and the parents were ASTONISHED watching Molly. She has NO FEAR! She also has some serious jumping skills.

A little wave.

Good thing she doesn't mind when her big brother basically splashes right in her face!
And the adorable little missing tooth space!

And now, I should probably go pack some boxes while the kids are asleep. Anything to pass the time while Sterling is studying. Did I say he was working MAJOR overtime hours because the company wants him to finish this massive project before he starts school again? They offered him a management position and a raise, too. Unluckily for them, he still wants to do med school. If they had offices in the west, I would sure be tempted! Even MORE unluckily for ME, that means he is basically nonexistent. Which I guess I should get used to before school starts again. Sigh. Good thing we can swim and play outside forever in Miami!

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Ana Latorre said...

Oh, that dress reminds me of Elena. She wore it practically every day. Well, that and another little jumper like that. And I'm glad the move is over. That's so great. This is Kami