Thursday, June 30, 2016


My cousin (once removed? second cousin?) Mariah came to visit and we got to party a little bit before we leave for Utah today! I have never been on an airboat tour, but Sterling has (and the kids are free) so he said I should join her, and I'm so glad I did! It was AWESOME!
Will's cheeks squished by the headphones are HILARIOUS.
It was extremely hot. Luckily, the wind once we started going was so nice, it made it a great ride!

Acres and acres and thousands of acres of Everglades.
Between the wind and the headphones, this is what he constantly looked like, haha! But he was grinning and enjoying the 'boat' SOOO much! He loves boats! It was a dream come true and he was so excited!

Our guide. 


A great green heron nesting.
They fought over who got to sit beside Mariah. She was definitely a hit, haha.
Molly, on the other hand, was her typical independent self and wanted to sit all by herself and right at the edge. Which was a little nerve-wracking when the gators swam up!
See him coming?

Here's one on Mariah's side of the boat!
And another one!

There are only pics of this guy swimming away because he was swimming RIGHT up to Molly, and she was furiously waving and saying "HI!" at the top of her voice. I was not impressed, haha. 

They stuffed this guys mouth full of chicken and let us hold him. I would not have, but they wouldn't let Ruth hold him without my help--in case she jerked or something. I think it was definitely more plausible that I would jerk and she would be fine, haha. Brave girl! 
Will said no, but Mariah gave it a try!
  We had a great time with Mariah! We also had her go to Vizcaya, met up with her after at the beach (it was a gorgeous day!) and then I went with her that night to Wynwood! So much fun! Today she's heading back to the Everglades for some Robert Is Here tropical milkshakes and some hiking, while we pack for Utah. But we loved having her here SOOOO much!!!! Thanks Mariah! And thanks for reading our favorite bedtime stories with the best accents! My kids love you! Will just said "When is Mariah coming back?" I told him she's not, she's going home to Utah after today. "But, after that, will she come back?" I said no, you have to work. "But after work is she coming back?" No, we live a long, long way away. "But, she is my friend! And Molly's friend! And Ruthie's friend! She needs to come back!" Awww. (Oh yeah, we also got some Pollo Tropical so she could have some cheap Cuban. She was a fan, yay!) 

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Bridget Cunningham said...

Loving your new hashtag (#blogged) so I can stay up to date! This is adorable! The pic of when Molly was saying hi to the gayer is terrifying! He is huge! And his little legs! Yuck!! Looks cool Though! Can't wait to see you!!!!