Saturday, June 4, 2016

Pool Days!

 Oh man, it has been SOOO gorgeous lately! The water is WARM, the sun is SHINING, the skies are BLUE and Florida has definitely hit it's stride. Thanks for that, Florida, cause I LOVE it and we need to get out of the house! Okay, we need to stay IN the house and pack, but...who could possibly stay inside when you have that gorgeous SUN beckoning you?!?
Will could ride down that railing over and over and over again for forever, I think. 
This girl. This girl has turned into crazy-swimming-no-fear-jumping-kicking-inferno girl in the past two swim days we've had.  She's always been a risk-taker, climber-of-all-things type of girl, but she had yet to warm up to the water. Until the last time we went to the ocean. I think it had more to do with the OCEAN warming up, than her. Now that it has been in the nineties for quite a bit, the pool is finally nice and toasty as well-and she cannot get enough! It's such a riot to watch her! She's practically climbing out of the pool to jump in before she's even finished her current jump! HA!

That ruffle bum!
Ruth rarely uses floaties anymore and she is doing AWESOME!

Ruth and Will have been super into tricks lately. This was the infamous 'jumping in backwards' trick. Very proud.

They made several attempts to jump in at the same time, all equally unsuccessful, haha.

Will is just so much fun these days. He is go-go-go when it comes to play and slow-slow-slow when it comes to ANY sort of chore. I mean, he does have good reason-if he doesn't do it, Ruthie will. How do I change that?!?! 

He reminds me of my nephew Cowen in this picture. 

This is the best photo ever. Those water splashes in the air! Her tightly-closed eyes! The anticipation! I just adore everything about it.

Love those big brown eyes.
In other news, Ruthie and I got our teeth cleaned this week. She was very excited to show off her wiggly tooth, and the dental hygienist did not act sufficiently excited--I was not very impressed with her kid skills in general. Oh well. We've been swimming. I've packed a total of six boxes. I went to a going away gathering at Cheesecake Factory and was reminded how cheesecake is really not my favorite--luckily for Sterling, it just so happens to be his VERY favorite. :) Sterling wins HUGE this weekend because not only did he bring home flowers AND doughnuts on Friday, but then he put the kids to bed so I could go out, and then he got up with them and did all the 'get kids ready feed them breakfast' while I went to the temple. Then I walked in the door just to change to go to a Primary activity (I took Ruthie with me) and so he fed everyone lunch and put them down for naps and then I went to the laundromat and was gone even longer. It was actually really odd. I take the kids with me everywhere while he studies all weekend and weeknights. So having from Friday night through Saturday night practically just me doing a bunch of stuff without kids felt really odd. But very, very nice. Our van is in the shop getting the transmission fixed (ugh) so there has been a LOT more juggling this week than there normally has to be. Poor kids have put in some serious travel time. Sterling's commute is forty minutes. We had to drive him a couple of days to make it to appointments, so that meant we had an hour and a half in the car in the morning and then again in the evening, plus the travel time to the appointments. Lets just say, it has made me SOOOOO grateful for a van that keeps Will and all of his appendages FAR AWAY from shrieking, ear-splitting shrill girlies. Very thankful.

It's a good life. Caio.


Kami said...

Super cute action shots!! I'm sorry your van is in the shop. That stinks. Can't wait to see you!

Bridget Cunningham said...

All the pictures of molly are just melting my heart! I can not wait to see you all so very soon!!! Also nice job getting the action shots!