Sunday, August 21, 2016

Last day at Grandma's

These pictures are actually from the night I got home from Provo. My kids didn't even notice I was gone--they were too busy playing with the animals, helping grandma pick food from the garden, and helping out with all the chores. Ruthie would wake up, come up the stairs and ask if Grandpa had finished chores yet, and then dash off to go help. She also knew what she could and couldn't pick from the garden (she picked mostly carrots and raspberries) and was awesome at helping grandma water all the flowers and plants. Ruth was seriously in heaven at grandma's house. She loves to help SOOOO much and its so much easier to let her when you're outside and doing wonderful things all day! Will also followed grandma around, and Molly walked around the yard bossing everything like she owned the place. It was like watching three little ducklings follow grandma's every move. They were filthy dirty every single night of our stay there, and it was pure bliss. Plus grandma handed out popsicles left and right and there were all sorts of bikes to ride and things to play on, and even Molly got to be great at jumping on the tramp! It seriously was our own little paradise of summer, and I am SOO glad we decided to go and that our kids could strengthen those relationships with their cousins and grandparents and really enjoy some of the great things they can do in Utah that they don't have the opportunity to do here in Miami.

Gotta love the diaper bum and the dog hugging!

Roxie is such a pretty dog. And the way Molly yells at her is adorable--"ROCKY! ROCKY COME NOW!" haha.
Aww we love grandma kisses!
More animal lovin'. Mrs. Pots is probably not sad to see Molly go, haha.
Oh I love my dad!

It was REALLY hard to bring these hooligans inside when we knew it was our last day of play!
Thank you so much, mom, for an absolutely magical summer!

These two are the greatest. Ruth would stay with grandma in a HEARTBEAT if she could. 

We spent Sunday night and Monday at Grandma Cindy's. I should have pulled out my camera! We had a lovely afternoon playing board games with Marlowe, and since I hadn't seen him since the cabin that was really great! Then on Monday we headed out to Bridget's pool and just enjoyed and relaxed and let the kids play the day away. Perfect summer day to end a perfect stay in Utah. I can't believe how fast it went!!! And huge thanks to Cindy for getting up at 3:30am to take us to the airport! You are a saint! 
The flight went incredibly well. Ruth started crying after we made it through security, and when we finally made it to our terminal (just in time) I slowed down to ask her what was wrong. "I don't want to leave grandma!" which, in turn, turned on my waterworks, and we were probably a sight walking into the plane! But they cheered up with snacks and the excitement of the airplane, and Molly slept the entire flight to Denver which was a huge help! Our layover was just long enough to stretch our legs, fill water bottles, and use the potty and we were off on the next flight. They had individual screens which occupied Ruth almost the entire way (she watched commercials the entire time, I didn't even pay for a show haha) and then Will had the kindle to himself, and he slept and Molly slept. It could not have gone smoother. Ruth was even brave enough to use the potty twice on the plane by herself! We were definitely exhausted when we got home, but it was SOOO nice to see Sterling! Yay for daddy! Until next time, Utah. 

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