Sunday, August 21, 2016

White Pine Lake Ride

But first, a few photos of the cousins jumping on the tramp with sprinklers. I am so glad Kami came out for a week (and escaped no A/C) so that my kids could get to know hers so much better. My kids remember all of their names now and it kept them happy and enjoying being home. Even if I did leave her for a horse ride, two days of work, and two days of a dental conference. Sorry, Kam. But thank you!

I love how both Isabel and Elena have their heads propped on the same hand.
Sebas's face!!!

Okay, so I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to do the White Pine Lake ride. I never have before, and I was willing to get a babysitter or anything necessary. At the beginning of August mom and I sat down and scheduled out the remaining 16 days (four of which I worked, two I went to a conference, and several had specific things with specific people) and PUT the ride on the calendar. It almost didn't happen, but Kami saved the day and babysat so that mom and dad and I could go. THANKS KAMI! My knee was wrecked for two weeks after this ride (its just barely feeling normal) but it was totally, totally worth it. The entire ride was absolutely breathtaking. It felt so great to just be tucked up inside the mountains doing nothing but riding along. They need mountains in Miami.

Isn't it amazing how you can see FIVE different ridges of mountains cresting here?!?! About this time dad told me to put away the camera and focus on staying on my horse...oops.

We made it to White Pine Lake!

I'm going to make this a big poster in a room in my someday house. It is just so much perfection. The mountains. The trees. The horse. The cowboy.

Are you tired of scenery pictures yet? This one is my favorite.

Where we sat and ate a snack of teriyaki beef sausages and cheese sticks. I've been craving those teriyaki things ever since. SOOOOO good.
My mom and dad.
This was right after an embarrassing moment when mom handed me her horse to hold and apparently I am incapable of that. I got a rein burn in the process, so at least I tried valiantly?! I'm much more out of horse riding practice than I thought about. But then again, its been a year, and even then it was only one ride to the tower.

Finishing up the ride, Tony Grove Lake is coming into view. 
It was such a perfect day. It was SOOOO cold in the morning, I was wearing a hoodie and a long sleeve shirt underneath. I only took my hoodie off after our lunch break and half ways further back from that. But it was also very nice because then it wasn't scorching. Thank you mom and dad for the great ride! I want to go back SO bad!

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Kayli said...

So beautiful! I want to go on that ride too!