Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Molly is TWO

I'm really not certain how kids grow so fast, it really is a wonder. I feel like Molly is constantly growing BEFORE MY VERY EYES and it keeps going faster and faster. I have to say though, she's a pretty great two-year-old, so I guess if she has to grow up, I'm pretty glad to keep her!
We celebrated with our Back to School Feast. We kept telling Molly it was her birthday and she was so excited, running around pointing to all the decorations "MY BIRDEE! MY BIRDEE! MINE!" She might be a little possessive. Yup, definitely two. 
I love this photo. She is just the greatest.
She worked REALLY hard to blow those candles out!
I told her to wait to open her present, she folded her arms and closed her eyes like a prayer. Which was kind of fun since I got a picture of it, but no idea why she did that! Haha.

Everyone was SOOOO excited! See that cute "Molly" on the biggest present? Ruth loves to mimic words now and can write all three of the kids' names without any help. Cutie.

Wedgits!!! We had the smallest set, and the kids ADORE them. And so does everyone else--all my piano students and kids I babysit, so we needed more. She got another set of 30 as well as the green stand (we didn't have one) and extra cards to teach how to make more. Ruthie loves the cards and sits and figures them out all the time. The green stand has been great for Molly, she likes lining up colors and stacking on top of it. 

And they have been all over our floor every since, haha! But I LOVE how much they love playing with them! 
I'd say it was a pretty successful birthday! 
Ruth's robot.

Molly also got presents from her grandma's in Utah, so she was definitely spoiled this year!

Two is such a great and hard age! Molly pushes down/takes off her diaper every chance she can get which is so annoying. I think I should probably potty train soon just so I can get through that, but then, I'd have to potty train. So...
Molly also still doesn't sleep. Not much has changed in two years. She crawls into our bed almost every night, and we take her back depending on our level of tired. Molly also CLIMBS like CRAZY and has managed to get up on the window ledge in their bedroom (tile) and walk back and forth in-between the blinds and the window. That is super unsafe, so instead we've been locking her into her carseat until she falls asleep, and then transferring her into her bed. We've been trying to get her excited about bed "If you stay in bed, you won't have to go in the carseat!" Which has been working reasonable well, so hopefully the carseat is only necessary for a couple weeks, haha.

She talks like CRAZY lately. My mom asked me the other day "Did you know she knows every single word to You Are My Sunshine?" Yup. She's tricky to understand--she speaks pretty well and can say most letters, but she kinda mumbles in this higher-pitched, tiny voice, so it's hard to catch things if you aren't listening closely to her. But she's talking full sentences and can definitely give you an earful! She loves to sing and especially loves Popcorn Popping ('opping!") and the Turtle Song and You Are My Sunshine.
She loves salsa (which surprises me) and most recently her birdee cake! She eats a TON which you would never guess by looking at her stick arms and legs. She wakes up every morning too, too early and gets a bowl of dry cheerios because she is starving! She still eats a full breakfast an hour later when the rest of us are eating! She often eats more pancakes than Ruthie, which is just so funny to me. 
Molly gives the BEST hugs and kisses. She tries to convince me to stay by her in bed every single night. "Stay my bed mommy, stay my bed." Poor thing. She got pretty attached to co-sleeping in Utah (ON MY HEAD) and while I am basking in sleeping without a koala attached to my head, she's taking it pretty hard. Her kisses are so great though, and she takes great care to get her lips directly on your lips, haha.
Molly wants to do everything her older brothers and sisters are doing, which most recently has been bike riding. She is tall enough to do the balance bike but hasn't quite got the swing of it yet. Soon, though, I'm sure. She loves to swim---she has NO FEAR (ever of ANYTHING)in the water, she jumps and splashes and slides and laughs at everything. She sticks her head under when Ruth has me count to see how long she is holding her breath. It's pretty cute. 
She wears size 12 month bottoms and 2T tops and is so light. The other kids still treat her like a baby and carry her/push her in the doll baby stroller all the time. She likes Bo On The Go (netflix) and she adores babies. She gives the BEST hugs and clings so tightly to your neck, I just love that.  

She is a crazy, crazy kid and we love her SOOOOO much! Happy Birthday MOLLY!

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Bridget Cunningham said...

I adore this post! I love hearing all the little things your kids love! Nice job on her cake is is just so lovely! You little domestic goddess you! Also, Molly is so adorable! ALSO, Ruth in the picture smiling in her blue dress, she looks so grown up with her hair to the side and it's so long. Sigh, she is just too pretty and too old!