Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fire Station

A week ago we went to the Pinecrest Fire Station for playgroup. While a LITTLE crazy because of all the 2-3 yr olds that couldn't focus for longer than two seconds on what the firefighter was explaining, it was also super fun and they all got to get inside the truck, which was a hit!
You are supposed to treat a fire truck like a hospital, in that it is not entirely sanitary, so they handed out these gloves, haha, they were HUGE!

Look at all the following pictures and see HOW CLOSE Will is to the firefighter! STUCK LIKE GLUE! It is hilarious to me!

They had a pretty great time. Then the very next day the firefighters visited Ruthie at school and she got a fire hat too! So everyone was VERY excited. Will even slept with this that night in bed. Good times, good times. Molly also got four mosquito bites. Yikes.  

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