Saturday, November 5, 2016


Somehow I haven't posted about Halloween yet? So here we go!

A couple months before Halloween I called my sister, Kami, and our conversation went something like this. "Hey Kami, do you have any cool costumes that would fit my kids?" "Well..I have some flamenco dresses I made for my girls that would probably fit your girls. Just send them back because we still use them for dress-up." "AWESOME! Thank you!"

And..that's about how much thought I put into Halloween. Besides pulling out the costumes for Sterling and I that Kami ALSO made for us. Haha. Oh, and I saw a Zorro hat on Zulily when I was doing all my Christmas shopping and thought--that will look soooo awesome with the flamenco dancer dresses! So I got it for a whopping $8 and then as Halloween drew near, headed to Goodwill to find some black clothes for Will in long sleeves and long pants (he doesn't really own anything that warm looking haha). We were stumped on the belt until I saw a perfect scarf, and he was COMPLETELY won over to his costume when he got to wear a 'yord' (sword). Everyone was winning! And...that's about my level of enthusiasm for putting together Halloween costumes, haha.


I was in charge of the ward trunk-or-treat, basically. In ward council (which I go to because our President doesn't have a vehicle) the newly appointed Relief Society was feeling overwhelmed and said there was too much on her plate (she's still over scouts as well) and said "Primary! You are in charge of the trunk-or-treat! You can use the other stake primaries!" so...because I am my mother's daughter, I said great! This ward-decorate. This ward-music. This ward-plates and cups, etc. And we'll do a potluck so nobody has to be in charge of food. Done and done. And honestly, besides the fact it rained and we had to move the trunk-or-treat inside so we didn't have a great time to take down tables for the dance, I think it went swimmingly. So glad that's over.

Our cute friends Brent and Janessa who come play board games at our house on Sunday/Saturday nights at least 2-3 times a month. Oh, and she teaches Ruthie dance now. We love them!
Our other board gamer friends! Jeff and Diana. Sterling pulled an all-nighter going gator hunting with Jeff a few weeks ago. It was intense. Their fake sunburn kills me.
As soon as the trunk-or-treat was over they immediately plopped down to dig in, haha!


And then, because by the time REAL Halloween rolled around my kids still had a huge bag of candy, I pretended it had been Halloween, and we all went to bed early. Yay!

I also tried to get my kids to do a trading session. So they all dumped out their candy and looked around, clueless. I told them to just take the candy they don't like and trade it for a candy they do like that someone else doesn't. But no one would, haha! Ruth and Will just started handing Molly all the candy that wasn't their favorite and called it good. Haha. We'll have to work on that!

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kami said...

I love your costumes! Hee. Hee. Actually, your kids look adorable and I love Will's Zorro costume. You totally nailed it.