Monday, November 21, 2016

Zoo Time

These pictures are from a couple weeks ago when we went to the zoo on a random Saturday. Sterling has been studying like crazy--we hear that doesn't ever let up during second year, so I'm TRYING to learn to roll with the punches and not just endure weekends without him, but somewhat enjoy them. I usually avoid the zoo on the weekends because it is Miami, and everything is busy on the weekends. But this particular day actually wasn't too bad, and it was really fun to have Ruthie along.

She has no fear. She always plays on the 'big kid' side inside of the little tiny area for babies, and you'd think she'd get run over by all the crazy 9-10 yr olds, but she definitely holds her own!

Gotta warm up on the waves!

Running through the water dripping off the fin.


Those two. I just love how well they play together and I just LOVE that they get to be brother and sister forever and ever.
We saw lots of animals moving out and about, the tiger was walking around, the lion was pacing right in front of the little cave viewing area, the crocodile started swimming around right when we walked past, the hippo was taking a bath. It was all pretty exciting. Also--my kids walked almost the entire time all by themselves. All three of them. I pushed an empty stroller. I don't think that has happened since Ruth was born. It's starting to feel rather strange how old my kids are---does that ever change? Is it ever not weird that you have a kid as old as your kid is? It also meant they took really great naps and transferred easy from the van to their beds, so it was a perfect day.

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