Monday, November 21, 2016

Just Around

They wore those fireman hats around EVERYWHERE until they finally got squished and I had them thrown away.
A nice little knight anole we watched for quite some time.

These two and their hand holding. It just makes me SOOOO happy inside!

Molly was throwing a fit about something and laying on the ground (again) so Ruthie, being the very very kindhearted person that she is, ran over and picked her up and lugged her over to the rest of us. What a sweet, sweet sister.

This is right beside our house. We walk past it every day to the park and check to see if the turtles are sunning themselves on the rocks or not.

Here's a zoomed-in pic. See those turtles?

Even holding hands while swinging. The best. Also--does any other moms out there get SO tired of pushing their kids on the swings? Ruth can keep herself going if she gets started out, but Will doesn't even try. So mostly I just say 'sorry man, go find something else to do then' so they came up with swinging like this. 

This is the park they built in our complex this summer. We didn't play on it forever because we were swimming instead, and the slides usually were burning hot. But now it is perfection! That's the back of our house you can see through the trees.

Ruthie must have felt bad that I wasn't pushing Molly. So she pushed her for quite some time. Like I said, sweetest sister ever.

And Ruthie wanted to use my camera to take pictures. Look! I'm alive and dressed and everything. haha.

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Bridget Cunningham said...

Ruth is the sweetest sister! That must be so nice on most days! I hate the swing too hahaha! They never get tired of it!