Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sombrero Beach+Key West

Sombrero Beach is my absolute favorite. We ate lunch and then hung out for far too short of a time to spend at the beach. It was SUCH a pretty day! Chilly, but even I sat and played in the water for a bit, so it wasn't that bad, haha.
I love Danica!
Luckily we have one lone ball left in our beach bucket, because that is what they played with the entire time!

I left this picture in because mom is back there getting her ear talked off by some drunk guy! Baahaa!

Look at that clear, beautiful water. I love it.


Best cousins! Love these two!
After that we packed it up and headed straight to Key West. Megan wanted to get there before the sun set. We made it...barely. It sure was beautiful though!

Looking out towards Cuba.

Afterwards, Megan told met hat Ruth is in every. single. one of their family's pictures!!! Ooops!!!! haahaa
Then we spent a good amount of time being lost from Megan's family and walking along the dock. Which was INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL with all the palm trees lighted up in Christmas lights. I was loving it. 

It's not the same in a photo, but it was soooo pretty!

We went into a key lime candy store and it had this sign and I just was laughing so hard with Sterling. This could be said of all of South Florida, especially true in Miami. If its raining-all bets are off. BAAHAAAHAA.

Then Megan and family stuck around for some delicious sea food, but our kids were totally over it. So we headed home. Sterling REALLY wanted to pick up a key lime pie from Mrs. Macks (only the best pie I have ever, ever tasted) and we made it from Key West to Key Largo just in the nick of time! He walked in at 9:56-they closed at 10-and bought the very last pie. Hurrah! I spent the rest of the night trying to sleep and not throw up while mom kept all the kids happy. I am so very thankful she was in our van. We made it home by about 11pm and pretty much just dropped into bed. So much to see in just one day!!!!

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