Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Thanksgiving Show

I'm way behind on blogging...super sick around these parts lately as well as pregnancy which equals about zero time doing anything but laying on the couch. Soooo....basically I'm going to try and get these pictures up with a little bit of info so that I can catch up before Christmas! Haha.
Ruthie's school had a Thanksgiving program. It was adorable. They had a Thanksgiving luncheon afterward. I was pretty sick. And annoyed that it seems we are ALWAYS doing things for school already--and she's the only child I have in school and only there half of the day!!!! But, it was really, really cute.

Ruth beside her friend Quinn. Quinn is in her class and also in our ward and we also carpool, so we see a lot of that sweet girl and I am so glad Ruthie has such a good friend!

Families were invited. We were, of course, the only ones with extra family members. Well, extra kids that is. Several people had both sets of grandparents and aunts and stuff. Miami is wild.

Ruth was adorable and sang all her songs really well and loud. She's the cutest. She was just SOOOOOO excited to have us there and show us all the things they'd learned. Love that girl.

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