Sunday, June 4, 2017

Basic Life Update

We moved yesterday. We shared a moving van with our friends. Which meant we moved down Friday  night, our new ward unloaded us (in 45 minutes!) on Saturday morning, and then Sterling drove back to Miami to help load and come back and unload. Which meant he wasn't back to our place until past 8pm and I had done very little due to the fact I'm not allowed to lift anything. I did spend two hours cleaning our fridge and freezer, four hours cleaning and putting away the kitchen (we woke up and had a functioning kitchen! Yay!) and a lot of time getting after kids and feeding them. Haha. But then Sterling was a rockstar and stayed up until midnight with me putting up shelves, beds (the kids beds he had done earlier) and moving heavy boxes into corners for me. It was exhausting. My body can't handle that kind of hard work--but I really did try to take it easy. We headed out to church this morning and afterwards Sterling went back to Miami. Thats why he put in so much work for me last night---he still has school for another week. So I wanted to have boxes in place so that I can unpack them without having to lift them anywhere. And I am definitely set---so HUGE shoutout to my AMAZING hubby!!!!
This is from last week. We're going to pretend I'm not getting bigger still. Although, I have chopped a pixie again since this photo. Still having regular contractions. I'm still pretty sure he's breech--we'll see on Wednesday. Waaaaay too exhausted from the move and very happy it's a relaxing Sunday afternoon now. More spider veins. More contractions during the night. A stupid spot above my belly button that feels like I am constantly receiving pressure there and it aches sooo bad. I went to the hospital last week for an area of concern on my left breast---conclusion is that it's probably just a varicose vein rubbing against my rib. And waking me up at night with pain and swelling. Good times. Next time I want to have a baby I need to reread this paragraph--haha. 

My piano recital!!!

We're missing one girl---but some of these kids I have taught for three years! It was pretty sad to say goodbye! And several of them gave me baby gifts, which was super sweet!

This was our last day of swimming with Tricia and her kids Clarke and Grant. Then they moved to Virginia. And we moved to Delray. And moved our stuff into our apartments/houses at 9am on Saturday morning because we are still in cahoots like that. Tricia is amazing. She is the reason I survived Miami. There really is no way to describe what some relationships in your life mean to you. I'm so happy she gets to move on to Virginia! (she REALLY wanted to get out of Florida, haha!) 
We are really, REALLY excited about our new apartment and I will post pictures soon!

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Bridget Cunningham said...

Yay! I'm glad you got all moved safely! Also your comment on your pregnancy picture is hilarious! And miserable! I'm so sorry!