Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bear Lake

We just got home from Yellowstone...so I am going to tell about our trip to Bear Lake a couple weeks ago. Makes sense, right? My family all went, and originally I did not plan on going, but since I had a sister with enough extra seats in her van, and a realization that even though I was leaving my hubby behind I would not have seen him much anyway, I decided to go. Single mom for the weekend. Which actually went incredibly well. If you want to be a single mom for a camping trip with two little babes, I would recommend being driven around by my party-animal sister Amy, being fed dutch oven every morning and night by my incredibly talented sister Megan, and bringing along my life-saving nephew Anders...who literally saved Ruth on several occasions. Oh yeah, and my nephew Jethro who held Will while I fed Ruth, and my niece Kiersten who played peek-a-boo with Ruthie when she got up ridiculously early...and, and, and. Pretty much my family is awesome and helped out so much that I had a fabulous time and it wasn't even too hard! (oh, and even though it was primitive camping, my sister Megan hauled in all our water in her trailer and even let us use her toilet sometimes, thank you thank you!)

Ruthie and Brynne chilling on the shore in the tube. 

my beautiful little tent
 About that tent. It is quite squishy but it was COLD up in those mountains. So the last night I convinced my cute niece Megan to sleep in my tent with me. She made it significantly more squishy (she rolls like crazy in her sleep!) but definitely much more warm, thanks Megs!

Kiersten playing peek-a-boo. 

Chillin' on the beach all by himself. What a stud.
Anders keeping Ruth occupied after saving her life.

Best grandma ever holding Will and Wyatt at the same time. 
One of the great migrations out to the boat.
I even got some boating in, and I got up on the wakeboard my very first time! I was so proud! And it was SO cold. But thanks so much to Amy for watching my kids so I could get out for a bit, I loved it!
Kami and Nicolas. 

Jack-Jack, Ruthie, and Natalie.
Bear Lake is SOO beautiful. 

Most of these pictures had a thousand kids in them. I thought it was cute that there was one of ALL these toys and Ruthie in the midst of them all by herself.

Beautiful Olivia and Kayli.
Something funny just happened. Lynnaea was obviously not impressed.
After packing up camp on Saturday morning (Sterling drove out and helped me pack up, thanks hon!) we drove to the Minnetonka Cave, which was amazing. Absolutely amazing. We left the tour guide behind when Will decided to scream, but then he calmed down and it was really neat because we were all alone in this massive cave. Definitely a worthwhile cave to see and we had a great time.
Sleeping on the way home. 
Deliriously happy due to a recently consumed 50 cent cone on the drive home.
I had a great time Bear Lake! Now we just need a boat, a trailer, a truck to carry the trailer, some dutch oven gear and we will make this happen ALL. THE. TIME!!!!!

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