Monday, July 22, 2013

Ogden Farmer's Market

Sterling and I discovered that we had all Saturday morning free together, so we decided to head out to the farmers market, and I'm so glad we did! We had a great morning and our kids were great too. I got a delicious doughnut, and only thought about taking a picture after I had devoured half of it. Thats how good it was. The coconut was toasted, it was genius. Plus there was chocolate and caramel, so how can you go wrong? 
German Chocolate Doughnut
 Sterling's choice was getting a handmade limeade that we got last summer the one time we went. Ruthie loved it, and since it was already really hot, it was nice to have a cold, cold drink.
 One of my favorite parts was the saloon selling Rooster's rootbeer. I wanted to buy a mug of it SO bad, but it was enough overpriced that I couldn't bring myself to. Maybe next time though. You do get to keep the mug, and that would be really fun, plus you get a free refill. The cowboys at the saloon were pretty sweet too!

 Here's Ruthie looking at some of the animals at the petting zoo. She wasn't a big fan of the goats and was quite annoyed when I put the stroller REALLY close.

This little calf was only six hours old! I couldn't believe it, they look so much sturdier than horses do! Baby horses stand up right away too, but their legs look so much spindlier than this guys.
Loved the old-time piano!
This has got to be one of my favorite horses in downtown Ogden.
 After we stocked up on some corn on the cob (which was a big disappointment, sigh.) we got a pulled pork sandwich to share and headed over to a shady patch of grass and listened to the live band, which was pretty good actually. The sandwich was AMAZING and re-solidified my idea that I could live on pulled pork for the rest of eternity and never tire of it.
Randomly a boy was playing with this so Ruthie joined in.
And some pictures of my handsome boys.

This cutest little man slept most of the morning in the stroller and then woke up so happy and showed these two bottom teeth of his!!!! Love them!

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Lindsey said...

That sounds like so much fun! Where is the Farmer's market?