Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pre-Reunion Festivities

Before the official reunion, we had a baptism! With a big birthday bash afterwards (that I may or may not have taken Ruth home to nap during and fell asleep with her, oh well) and a rodeo that night! 
Chad-o the lucky 8 birthday boy!
I played at the baptism. Sort of. Danica helped out due to a fussy baby. And then during Sterling's musical number I set my pages in the wrong order (rookie mistake, I know, I was a bit frazzled) and basically it was terrible. Oops.
Of course there were awesome disguises at the birthday bash afterwards!
And three separate decorated cakes--that were quickly demolished.
The August birthdays, minus Ruth who, as previously mentioned, was at home sleeping with me.
June birthdays
Ruthie at the rodeo.

Lots of the kids went mutton bustin'. They rocked it.
Kayli's beautiful fam minus Jethro and Wyatt.
Megan and Kayli  
Danica, Megan, Elena, Orrin, and Grandpa
And this is from a bit ago, but all the boys! Finally! Wyatt, Oskar, and Will. And look how dark and fat Will is!!! In just one month his hair has got so much lighter and he's thinned out and grown tall! My baby is growing up. Sigh.
It has been so awesome to be able to do so much with all the family!

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Lynn said...

Cool birthday bash!!!

What?! No July birthdays at all in your family? ; )