Monday, July 22, 2013


watching the horses get saddled
Last Monday Ruthie got to go on a horseback ride with Grandma. Ruth was really excited to go on a ride and then when dad went to lift her up she instantly and vehemently changed her mind. Of course grandma couldn't have a granddaughter of hers that didn't want to get on a horse, so she hopped on with Ruthie to remedy the situation!

crazy girl actually WANTED her picture taken, and this is the smile she gave, haha!

Will in the barn. What a handsome little studmuffin!
Jethro and his friend taking a ride around the corral. And my mom's stylin' outfit, haha!

I think mom is trying to convince Ruthie right here that she really is enjoying herself. :)

It was dusty out there!

Ruth is started to enjoy herself!

And she even managed a wave.
The dust finally settled a bit and I got this gorgeous picture of the sun setting. Hyrum is great for some spectacular sunsets and that night did not disappoint. What a beautiful picture! Of course, Ruth had to throw a fit when she got OFF the horse, even though she didn't want to get on in the first place! Silly girl! I guess I need to be a better mom and go get her on a horse more often when we are out there. But she's pretty in love with grandma and grandpa's garden and swings and tramp too so its a hard choice!
Thanks grandma for a wonderful ride and grandpa for your wonderful horses!

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