Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa's.

Most of us were together for Ethan and Kourtney's upcoming wedding, so there was a nice, easy, relaxing Monday spent at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Ruth loves playing with her cousins and of course was in heaven. Will had a bit of a rough go with Nicolas, as they are both a little young to understand the sharing thing. Haha. I love seeing everyone and the weather was incredibly beautiful so we could enjoy a nice afternoon outside. Thanks for such a great day everyone!

I could find pictures of me in this dress-up outfit. I can't believe she's dressing up in the same thing I dressed up in! It's so crazy. So, so crazy. Really, I can't get over the fact that I'm that old and I have a daughter that old! 
Garrett on his mighty steed.
Amy trying to figure out how to get her horse to go instead of eat. HAHA!
I love this picture. It is so classic. All the kids watching, waiting for their turn. Ruth was the commentator on everything the kitties were doing while she waited for her turn. Brynne, poor Arizona girl, was shivering like crazy and had goosebumps everywhere! And of course, our wonderful grandpa was in the corral giving rides. Thanks, dad!

I don't know if Megan ever did learn how to ride and get her horse to stop eating. Where's your cowgirl skills Megsie?
No beautiful afternoon at G&G's would be complete without some swingin'. Did you know those swings were put in for ME? Yup. Dad asked me if I wanted to move to Logan, I said not really, so he said what would I like to have if we did move (because obviously we were) and I said swings. Really big ones, not pansy park ones. So we moved. And I went to a year of school. Then I went to a semester at WSU. Then I started another semester at WSU (this was my senior year). Sometime during that last spring that I lived at home dad put up the swings. I did swing in them a LOT before I moved out, and I suppose dad did fulfill his end of the bargain. I do love me some swings and Ruthie must take after me---she LOVES the things! She is a big girl now and can swing in the regular swing and not fall off! 

I must say though, these swings do make me happy every single time I go home to visit. So thanks, dad, for putting up swings for me. Love ya.

This boy. Those eyes. 

Will has decided he wants to be a big man on campus these days. He will. NOT. bend his knees when you try to sit him down on the floor. Seriously, will not. He has to stand EVERYWHERE. Unfortunately, he is not yet good enough to actually stand on his own (holding on to something) for very long. But he insists that he stands again and again and again. It's a little tedious and tiresome, but it's pretty cute too. It makes him look big and grown up. 

And that was the end of my camera, because it died. Or should I say mom's camera, since mine died a final death a bit ago. Sterling said he will buy me a new one on black Friday. He even said he'd camp out the night before to get me whatever I wanted. I love that man, even though I think camping out on Black Friday is strange. 

Also, can I just say I am SO GLAD that the sickness did not spread to our entire, huge, loving family this trip? Cassidy threw up one day. Lindsay Ann was sick one day. Amy puked all night one night. Kourtney was sick two days before her wedding and gave it to her mom the day before. Then it mysteriously ended. I will be forever grateful. Although our pukefest this summer was memorable, I was not too excited for a repeat performance.

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