Monday, November 11, 2013

Cousins At The Park

Kali and Brynne
My little brother is getting married. The youngest. The only unmarried. The one we've mocked for that very reason for almost four years now (have I really been married that long?!?!). Because of this great event, mostly everyone has been here to visit this weekend. It's been awesome. Really awesome. Here's some pictures of all the cousins playing at the park!
Kiersten, Maloree, Hailey, Ashlee
Devaney and Karlee
It was a beautiful day. I love how Utah gets you used to the idea of winter slowly. A little bit of snow, a bit of sunshine, a bit of snow, a bit of sunshine...before winter really hits full force.
Ruthie and Natalie
Natalie's cheese face.
Cowen and Anders
Harriet, Miriam, Natalie

Karlee. Love that hair.

That boy is sure cute. Ruth was too busy playing to let me take that many pictures of her, as was everyone else. It was a nice afternoon. 

Ruth and Will just had their 2 yr and 9 mo pediatrician appointment. Ruth is 24 pounds and Will is 20 pounds. Yeah, four pounds different. But Will FEELS so much heavier. Ya know how they have a growth curve chart? Will's is a ladder. He chunks up, then grows tall and slims down, then chunks up, etc., etc. Ruth got four shots and started to cry and then I said "You have to be brave because Will still has to have shots." She stopped right away, spent a long time inspecting her band-aids, and then when Will got his one shot she patted his arm and said "It's ok-k Will, be brave." He actually did better than he ever has before, and stopped crying right away too. What a great older sister to watch out for her brother! 

I think Will is a little overwhelmed by the cousin inundation, but Ruth is in HEAVEN! She doesn't even come to me now and again to make sure I'm there. She loves having so many cousins (even if she was incredibly ornery last night) and we love having them all here. Thanks for visiting everyone so we can see you!!!!
(We miss you Kayli!!)

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