Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Or HERE you can watch the video too. The first 30 seconds are the best, even if the quality is not the best.
We started our Christmas festivities on Sunday and it was such a blast! Sterling had to go home teaching so Ruth and I made some cookie dough while he was gone and Will was napping, and then when he got home we were ready to go! 

Ruthie was a really great helper, but I had to laugh because she'd make one cookie cut-out and then put her next one half-way on the original one, and then sometimes do that multiple times until her cookies were chopped into so many cookie cutter pieces it was impossible to use them. She loved it though!

Ruth has this thing lately where she sticks her chin out to say 'cheese' for a picture. 
I also just recently cut my hair before the wedding. Mostly I chopped some a-line layers into the back. I really like it.
So I tried telling Ruth to put her chin down and this is what we got. oh well.

 On to the next important step...the Christmas tree! Sterling wanted to leave it out on the floor instead of putting it on the piano like we did last year. I said no way, since I would be the one constantly keeping Will out of it. Instead, Sterling went upstairs and got the shelf he's been using as a night stand and put the Christmas tree on that. It actually looks really nice--it makes our tiny tree look bigger and then you can see our Christmas tree lights through the window!

Ruth was really excited about the nativity. Lately, when she says prayers, I have been trying really hard to get her to say "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." So when she saw baby Jesus she kept saying "Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!" It sounded a bit irreverent, but it was really cute all the same that she is putting the name together.

Handsomest husband that ever existed.
Tinsel Princess
Our Tree
Will's stocking isn't QUITE finished, but Ruthie was very excited to pull hers out. I really love these stockings and am so glad I have such talented friends to create such wonderful traditions for my family!

Will woke up from his nap and Ruthie was VERY excited to help him see the new Christmas tree.

He was pretty excited himself.

And finally, we decorated all the cookies. It was an awesome day not only to get in the Christmas spirit and enjoy watching the kids excitement--but just to have Sterling home! We're so glad when daddy is home! (Ruthie was a big fan of icing and sprinkles.)

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Lindsey said...

Wow, you guys start early! Fun though! The cookies look delicious!