Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Two Weeks

We move in two weeks. Give or take a day. We decided that Sterling will work one more day after packing the moving van (we got our moving van for a couple days earlier because it is cheaper to rent in the middle of the week then the weekend) and then we will leave. So I guess I should say--exactly two weeks 'til packing day!

I've talked to several people today on the phone, all of which asked me if we were packed. Ha. Ha. Hahaha. Let me preface that by telling you that we sat down at the beginning of the month and had EXACT DATES that both Sterling and I were not working, specific rooms that would be packed on those days, and, basically, the perfect plan. Well, ya know, the best laid plans of mice and men and all of that. So we spent some days helping my sister move that were unanticipated because my brother needed my dad's trailer on the day she had planned on having it (which, coincidentally, he ended up crashing during my sister's move and now there's that whole story) and then it was rainy, and then there was five bazillion more papers to fax to Miami (I swear, just when I think they have our complete life stories they ask for more!) and then it took me SIX HOURS on Monday to finish my continuing education credits (which are finished now, huzzah!)…can I make this sentence any longer? Suffice it to say, we have not packed much more than we had two weeks ago.

I'm actually not too worried. Or wouldn't be, if stupid things didn't keep happening. I had a dental appointment today, so I had planned accordingly. I was babysitting in the morning, they picked him up 15 minutes before I had to leave, the kids had been fed lunch, Will had just woken up from his morning nap, I put the umbrella stroller in the van because I thought it would be easier than the double stroller (and I thought Ruth might sit still with the tablet)…etc, etc, etc. The long list of every day things that a mom of young toddlers has to go through to do anything. Made it to the dentist on time. He was running behind. I said that was fine. Then they told me I couldn't wait, I'd just have to reschedule. Now, I have worked at this office, I know he runs late sometimes (luckily I never dealt with that because hygiene is its own schedule) but SERIOUSLY?! I have two weeks. I wanted to be especially nasty about rescheduling, but I couldn't really…I sort of need my implant finished. So those are the things that are delaying packing. It seems like they keep popping up and it's making me really frustrated. I think we still have three solid days that neither of us work between now and our packing day, so it should be fine. We've done all the hard stuff already--the things you have to go through every single paper and read every single note to make sure you need it or you don't. Everything that is left is necessary so we just have to pack it up. Easy peasy.

I got my new camera lens. I think I'm a little disappointed. But since it was $300 cheaper than its Canon counterpoint, I can't complain too much. My camera is still amazing and it still takes super fast pictures, so I am very grateful the entire thing didn't break when I dropped it. To prove my happiness at having a camera safely back in my little fingers, here are some pictures from the park today:

On another note, I think Will is sick. Maybe hand, foot and mouth? Not sure. But he's extra whiney and clingy and ornery lately. I have been sick for the past four days with a horrible, nasty cough and congestion. I went in to the dr. on Friday (even though I had an extra toddler that day) and when he told me the strep test was negative I said "What about my cough?" and he looked at me and said "Is it really that bad?" I could have killed him right then. Trust me, I did not just wait in your waiting room with THREE TODDLERS for nothing. It feels just like when I had bronchitis in high school, but worse, because sometimes I cough so hard it makes me have these horrible contractions. Ruff. He did prescribe me a cough medicine that I can take at night--and it has been super helpful. I know, I know, patients just want the doctor to hand them a prescription and fix everything. Mostly I was just so annoyed that he acted as if it was nothing. I wanted to make him sit in the waiting room with all those kids!

To brighten this post, last night Sterling went to a Bonneville Tapestry concert--it was so neat! It was Mrs. Kirby's 20th year of teaching so the current students made a secret page on Facebook, distributed music, held a couple practices, and then COMPLETELY surprised her by having all the alumni file onto stage for the second to last song of the concert and sing together. She was crying. I was crying. Everyone was crying. One of the alumni had made a wall quilt that said Thanks for 20 Years of Tapestry Mrs. Kirby and they had all signed it. It was pretty neat. Especially neat was Mrs. Kirby's hug and words to Sterling afterwards--she really was such an amazing teacher to him! I'm glad we were able to participate in that before moving.

That's all for the update--have a nice day!


Sara said...

Pregnant women should be exempt from colds nd coughs. I'm finally over cold number 2 of this pregnancy, (pretty sure the first one turned into bronchitis since the cough lasted 6 weeks). Glad you have some medicine! Hope you feel better soon.

Andrea said...

You can drop your kids off at my house anytime.