Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Final Ride

Last weekend we came out to Grandma's for a final ride on the horses. Ruth was very excited, but man, Will had the time of his life!
See that face on that boy? He got up on that horse and he grinned like that the ENTIRE time. It was the cutest thing in my life. 

He also loves this dog. Who wouldn't? She is the fluffiest, prettiest, best pup I know. I love her already and I'm sad I don't get to see her around more. She is SOOOO beautiful!

I put this picture in just because the horse looks so pretty.
I know Will is out of focus, but really, this boy was in HEAVEN all night long. He loved the horses, dog, and everything about grandma's house.
Grinning with his eyebrows.

Love that smile.
Those two. Love.

More love.

Cassidy and Natalie

Grandpa took some guff for his whitey legs.
Somehow Lindsay Ann got pooper scooper duties.
Again that grin. I just love it so much!
Ruth had a grand time too. She got lots and lots of rides by herself, with grandma, with Natalie, she didn't want to ever get down!
Awww, such sweet cousins. And matching pink boots!!! The perfect cowgirls.
Dad let me get on and ride for a minute. It was too long--I was sore! That's pretty ridiculous, but I'll blame it on being 27 weeks pregnant.

Grandpa and Will.

And I rode with Will for a minute too.

Wyatt and Jack Jack.

Mom's pretty lilac bush.
Watching Sterling play with Roxie makes me REALLY want to have a dog someday. Which is weird, since I've become somewhat anti-dogs lately. But she's fluffy and soft and SOOOO beautiful and she stays outside…which really, is her biggest selling point.

After all that, I put my kids in the tub and then Natalie really wanted to join in, so we got a tub-full of cousins!
Everyone but Jack.
And now everyone but Ruth. Doesn't Will look SOOOO handsome here??
What a wonderful day at Grandma's. Now Ruth asks to play with her cousins at grandma's and ride horses every single day. Poor girl, not very many more days left for that!

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