Sunday, May 4, 2014


My mom, my sister Megan, and my Aunt Marla have all been in Guatemala this week for humanitarian things. While they have this amazing experience (I want to do something like that SO bad some day!) I have helped out a bit with Megan's kids. Actually, not that much but I did have Devaney on this day--and she and Ruthie had a great time together. It is much better to have them play outside. They are devious, no-good, terrible CRAZIES when they are together inside. I don't know what it is about that combination, but you can't let them alone for a SECOND! Outside, its much more relaxed and they even seemed to get along much better. So I took them to the park while Sterling went and got groceries, because we thought that was a better option than taking all three kids to get groceries.
 My neighbor happened to be there when I got there, with her gorgeous dog. I think all dogs are compared in my head to my family dog while I was growing up-Dolly. She was incredibly beautiful. This golden retriever is also beautiful. I'd rather have a pretty dog than a useful dog(think my family's latest trend of getting bird-hunting dogs). Although smart and kid-friendly are definitely a much higher priority. Anyway, Will really loved the dog, and I thought it was sweet.
They were a little sad I wouldn't push them forever and ever.
 Sterling always tells me I only take pictures of Will. It is not true. I try to take pictures of Ruthie but she is contrary and won't smile, so then I don't post them.

Best picture ever.
Case in point, I took 20 and this is the closest I got to a smile.
 That looks like the picture of boyhood perfection.

After that we went to Anders 2nd grade production at the high school. I was supposed to video tape it, but there were no batteries, so I taped it on my camera--hopefully it turned out ok since I haven't used my video enough to really understand what to do with it. It was cute and fun and made me want to keep my kids tiny and little forever. Hasn't anyone figured out a way to do that yet?

As a random side note, my niece Katelyn happened to be in Utah this past week. She lives in Canada. It was perfect timing because we've been packing and I had been trying to decide whether or not I should sell my old prom dresses or not. One is the love of my life, the other is red. Which pretty much means it rivals the love of my life. Then I had another that I wouldn't have minded getting rid of that I picked up for 20 bucks or so, but is still really pretty. All of my nieces that live around here are too tall (or will be too tall) for my dresses. I was standing next to Katelyn and a lightbulb went off. She tried them on and they fit PERFECTLY! It was unreal actually. It was like looking back at my own body type from high school. She even had to have help zipping up the navy one--which I always did too! So weird, but so awesome. She looked incredible, of course, and every dress she tried on Ruth said "Princess, mommy!" and pointed at Katelyn. She really did look just like a princess. I am so happy that someone gets to wear my dresses and feel just as beautiful as I did in them! What beautiful nieces I have.

I think I broke my camera tonight. The case wasn't zipped up all the way and when I hung it on my shoulder, the camera fell out and landed on the cement of our garage. Now it makes noises but won't take a picture. Although it still takes video. Sigh. If it is really dead I am going to cry for years. I'm trying not to think about it until I take it in to have it looked at tomorrow. Why, oh why?

I just remembered I have an almond chocolate bar in the freezer. Tonight is looking up, even if Sterling is working.


Kayli said...

Such cute pictures of Will on the swing!! I wish wish wish that I could have him and Wyatt together to take pictures together--that would be soo cute!

And every time I come to your blog I love the little picture of Teeny Baby Will and Little Ruthie on the sidebar.

Also, I'm crossing my fingers for your camera!!!! If Brett lived by you, he would take it apart and fix it for you! Just fly over here!

The Haws Family said...

The camera broken but the lens is. I wanted a nicer lens anyway than the kit one that came with my camera. But right before a big move is not ideal timing to upgrade. So instead of a Canon lens we got a tamcor lens off Amazon that had really good ratings unless you zoomed in really really far and then because ite doesn't have image stabilizer they said you'd need a tripod. So I'm just crossing my fingers that it's nice. Sigh.

The Haws Family said...

Tamron. Not tamcor. And that first sentence should say the camera itself isn't broken. Just the lens.

Brooke said...

Katelyn is so excited to have your dresses!! She almost wore one to church on Sunday just because! And Karlee was just like Ruth and kept saying that KK was a princess. Thanks!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just keep on taking them and posting the way she is now!!!! I hope your camera works as good. Sorry.