Thursday, May 22, 2014

Friday Night

Cindy turned 50!
We were able to be part of a surprise party and I'm so glad! She is such a wonderful part of our lives and we are going to miss her so much while we are in Florida. She was truly surprised and it was great to spend some time with all the Haws family members.

Sterling stayed with the kids to party with Cindy while I ran off to our piano recital. No more waking up at 5am to teach in Morgan! But that's really the only exciting part--mostly I am sad to leave these kids, they are awesome and I love them so much!

I teamed up with my cousin's daughter Devaney, who also teaches piano, and we rented a room (for free, since she is a student) at WSU and combined our recitals. It made it more formal and a little more intimidating for the performers, which is what we were going for. We only took pictures with the family members, but Devaney had lots of other students there as well. Luckily all of Clay's boys were there because I brought a big pan of caramel rice krispies and forgot to cut them beforehand--no worries, they just dug in and ate it anyway, which I was very thankful for because I didn't want to take ALL of that home!
All finished!  
Me and my students. So sad! 
 Everyone did such a great job--even with Myles breaking his finger, switching songs, Miriam's family moving, etc, etc…all the stuff that throws off the best laid plans. They performed wonderfully and did a great job! 

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