Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Church History Museum

My computer is doing very odd things, so in no particular order, here is the Church History Museum! My sister Megan was scheduled to work and I was planning on babysitting her daughter Devaney, but then she got called off so she invited us to come with them to SLC where she had a couple of errands and then we could go to the museum. It was a blast and the kids LOVED it!
This was Ruth's favorite part, she came back to it over and over again. The screens in the back are dancers that you can copy on the mirror in front of them. So neat. Plus, costumes, so really it was a win/win.
Planting a garden! 
Will thought this bike was pretty cool, you spun the wheel and all the little bright fluff balls spun around.
26 weeks.
Ruthie went fishing for Will!

So precious.
Will like this part because he could reach the buttons that made the people start to talk and he thought that was great!
Of course some Ring Around the Roses was in order--my kids are so adorable!

Ruth got frustrated pretty quickly with the fishing, but Devaney went fishing for a LONG time--she loved it!
Aunt Megan making Ruthie laugh with a llama. I love Ruthie's face! 
Look, mom! I found a truck!
He may be a very serious kid, and he may not smile very much, but oh BOY! does he love cars and trucks!  

You can't tell, but Will is grinning here.

Then Megan took us out to lunch at Cafe Rio (where I got my new favorite--the delicious sweet pork burrito) and we had a marvelous time. Ruth loves playing with her cousin Devaney more than anything and I'm so glad they got a whole morning of playing in! Thanks Megan!

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Kayli said...

That's a cute picture of Megan and Ruthie adn a llama. :)