Friday, May 22, 2015


Ruthie was dressing herself for the swimming pool.
"Take my shorts off, mom?" 
"Yup, take your shorts off."
"And my panties off?"
"Yup, and your panties."
"And my bum off?" (said with a giant twinkle in her eye)
"No, silly, not your bum."
"I can't take my bum off, it's tight on me."
"It is tight on you, it's supposed to stay on."
"Yeah, all my body is supposed to stay tight."
I laughed forever at this little conversation. Ruth is so hilarious in her thinking sometimes.

Will is growing like a weed. Luckily, last time I purchased sandals, there was an adorable light-up alligator pair in the next size up that I couldn't pass on. I pulled them out of the closet when his old ones got too small, and he has been obsessed. He wears them ALL DAY LONG and when he takes a nap he lays them beside his bed on his nightstand, so he can look at them. The best though, is his jumping. That kid has this hilarious, off-balance, unsteady jump that always brings a smile to my face. He does it CONSTANTLY so that the shoes will light up. He will proudly show it off to anyone, and then bashfully sink behind my leg afterwards. It is the cutest.

Molly is EVERYWHERE. She is fearless. Much, much more so than my other two children. She thinks she can walk and play and touch and reach everything that all the other kids can. She is so pleased with herself that she can stand on tiptoes and reach just high enough to press a key down on the piano. She LOVES to clap right now and clapped after each student played a piano piece today as well as every time Ruthie jumped in the pool. What an adorable little cheerleader we have!

Ruth's persuasive powers "Come on mosquito! Come into mommy's hand! Nothing is going to happen to you! We'll just squish you dead and then you will be just fine!"

Will's excitement over "pop!" when we make popcorn with the air popper. When it starts popping and the popcorn reaches a high enough point that you can see it, he takes this HUGE intake of breath in such a dismayed way, I just LOVE it! He actually loves to cook in general. Whenever I walk into the kitchen he runs into the dining room, pushes over a 5 gallon bucket, and stands next to me saying "cook! cook!" in such gleeful excitement that it brightens my mood even when I know how much harder it will be to cook with him there. 

Today we were eating oreo's and Will would pull his cookie apart, do that same big, intake of breath and then hold the cookie half with frosting up in the air and yell "YAAAAY! LOOOOOTS!" Haha. "Lots" is one of his favorite words lately. He has had a little growth spurt in his words recently and has quite a few new ones: lots, baby (he could say that before but he says it differently now, like bai-bai), Ruthie (dah-di)...okay thats all that I can think of. So maybe not so many words, but definitely much more able to communicate. He will sit there and enunciate sounds and make actions and run around explaining himself, until you know what he means. Ruth gets it perfectly. I usually get it, and Sterling just laughs that we understand him at all.

Molly can walk across the room pushing her walker, or a stool, whichever is handier. It makes her look so big! While I am sadder than sad for her to get big, sleeping through the night sometime soon would not, in any way, be regrettable.

Today I went in to the bathroom to help Ruthie finish up, and when I went to wipe my hands she said "Hey! Devaney's in the mirror! Say hi to Devaney, mom!" and then refused to leave the bathroom and sat in there for another twenty minutes chatting away with Devaney in the mirror. HAAHAAHAA! (Anyone else think of Anne and her window-friend?) Which reminds me of her and Will playing with dominoes this afternoon and Ruthie told a long, made-up story that was quite lengthy and at the end said "K, Will, now you say something back to me." He kind of jabbered something and she said "No-o Will, it's got to be LONG and LONG." Poor girl needs him to get up to speed on his communication skills, haha. I have a feeling her and the REAL Devaney are going to have a BLAST together this sumer.


Beth said...

Ok. Ruth is on a's tight on me (hahaha!). Cute kiddos and sweet memories :).

Bridget Cunningham said...

This post is the best thing ever! They are darling.!!