Monday, May 4, 2015

South Pointe Park Pier

Test days! We LOVE test days around here! Okay, Sterling hates them. But we love getting to see him for an ENTIRE afternoon! 

We planned to pick him up and hit the beach straight from his test. Unfortunately, Miami decided not to cooperate. We talked about turning around and going on a bike ride (it's been getting too hot to want to lately, so we would take advantage of the chilly weather that way) but I had already gotten all the gear together and the kids were looking forward to it, and we were basically there by the time we picked up Sterling, so we kept going. At least we got a day together in the sand, even if there was less swimming involved, and oh! what a glorious day it turned out to be!

We had heard from several people that we needed to check out South Pointe. Somehow, we never have. It was definitely a good choice! Even without your typical Miami sunshine and heat and sparkling white beaches, it was beautiful. 

Once we had been there a few minutes, it wasn't hard to get into the spirit of the stormy, blustery day and just enjoy it for all that it was. I miss the wind sometimes, (growing up in North Dakota with crazy wind all the time I would have never guessed how fond I grew of it) and I miss feeling chilly. It was such a nice break from the norm.

We walked out on this fun little pier. Will loved watching the boats. The water was an incredibly perfect sea foam green.

Isn't this beautiful? It makes me want to go to a New England beach SOOOOO bad! I have romanticized New England beaches in my head for so long I'm worried now that they might not live up to my hype. But walking along a beach in a sweater? Like Anne of Green Gables? Has to be the most beautiful thing in the world!

Okay, it was 80 degrees, you didn't really need a sweater. But it was windy! And that makes it almost cold! (I really just wrote that. Man, I have lived in Florida too long!)

Looking back toward Miami. 

The kids did great. Ran and jumped in the CRAZY HUGE waves! They were the biggest waves I have ever seen in my life! I wanted to run straight into them, but I was worried that I don't know enough about ocean current and I might die. Haha.

Cutest. Boy. Ever. Oh my gosh I just LOVE him!

We found a sea horse that Sterling had to save, he was very heroic about it all. :) 

Goodbye, sea horse!

Okay, she's pretty much the cutest too. Which reminds me, at lunch today she looked at me and said "I am THE cutest!" I laughed and said, yup. Then she had to go around every member of the family and say they were THE cutest. Good times. 

Those waves! I have over fifty of those pictures, you know I do. They were just so incredible to watch! 

Also, those waves crashing on those rocks! It was just so glorious.

Cute little beach/light house thing. 

Oh that girl. No filter on this photo--somehow my camera just used the overcast skies amazingly.

There was also a splash pad and a park, so we headed over there for some more fun!

Her hair has officially lightened. I think I'm a little bit sad.
We watched boats for quite some time, but Will could NOT get over this cruise liner that we watched head out. We could not pull that boy away.

The adventure didn't stop there, either. We decided to finally try out Pollo Tropical. We have lived here a year and haven't tried it yet. So, in most of the U.S. there is a McD's on every single corner. Not in Miami. Oh wait, that's because Miami is Cuba and not the U.S.! In Miami there is a Pollo Tropical. We have heard great things about their fast food. Cuban fast food. We decided to try it out. 

We LOVED it!!!!! I can officially say I am going to miss something about Miami. (okay, that's not really fair, I am going to miss a LOT of things about Miami...primarily the sunshine!!!) But oh man, I already want more of that citrus chicken. We sat in the restaurant, but to imagine that you can go through a window and get beans and rice and shredded pork? It's just that perfect meal that fills your belly and doesn't make you feel a little sick afterwards. We tried comparing it. Much, much better than KFC, (Sterling says NOTHING like KFC)...kind of like Costa Vida? But with Cuban food? But more options? We gave up. You really can't compare. Obviously, it's not quite as great as authentic Cuban. But we really, really loved it. Maybe kind of like American Chinese that you know isn't the real thing but you just love it for what it is? (or is that just me?) Anyway. Pollo Tropical for the win!

We spent the drive home planning two days worth of where we would take people when they came to visit. All of our favorite things in Miami. Now...we just need visitors, haha!

Thanks for a great day, South Pointe! We will definitely be coming back!

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Bridget Cunningham said...

Ruth waving goodbye to the seahorse is my favorite picture ever!! So sweet!