Sunday, May 3, 2015

Our Week

I'm trying to remember what our week was like. It rained? We went swimming? I don't remember. We babysat one night for our friends that switched with us so we could go out last week. I picked up two new piano students. But on Friday, the rain stopped (I think it was Wednesday night and Thursday morning that we had a non-stop downpour for HOURS) and the weather cooled, and we went to the zoo! Yay! All the animals seemed to be out so it was great.
"The tiger is in front of his temple, mom!" Yup.
Ever since we moved here they have been building this amphitheater. Well, now it is finished and they do shows there a couple times a day. We decided to try one out and we loved it! Ruth was SOOO disappointed she wasn't picked to hold the snake. We saw parrots, snakes, a random raccoon looking guy from Colombia, and....a CHEETAH!

We went back to see the giant sea otters. They put on a good show.

Then, of course, we splashed!

Will's legs look like stilts to me. That boy has SHOT UP in the last two months. Honestly, right after Christmas I bought him new church pants that I had to roll up three times and they are getting SHORT!!! WHAT?!?!?! He has also grown out of his shoes-sandals, church, and running shoes--all of which look pretty much brand new. Sheesh, that boy!

He fell asleep back there munching on his 'pop' (i.e. popcorn) and it made for a nice and easy walk back to the van.
 On Saturday we had quite a few things going on, but Sterling really had to hit the books because he has a test on Monday. To give him the most time to study, we brought a picnic to him and had a great time playing outside! For the rest of the world, it's finals week--so they had the fun hammocks up again and we enjoyed those, too. 

We're practicing for Utah, mom! 

Good catch, Ruthie!
And a throw! She's getting so good!

Molly is just THE cutest!
It was fun to play outside, since the rain cooled down the weather. It's only been two weeks and I am already wishing rainy season away. It may be beautifully green here, but I'll take the desert red rock any day over the mosquitoes that have suddenly come out hordes. 

That night I got a babysitter (Sterling kept studying) and went out with a bunch of the girls here to say goodbye to our awesome friend Beth who is moving up to West Palm (we will be doing that next year). It was SUCH a blast! Think hilarious British and Jamaican impressions that had us all rolling and delicious Cheesecake Factory (I got lettuce wraps. Which reminds me, Andrea---I'm putting in an order now!). It was just such a great time. I'm so glad that we had a reason to finally get together and one of my first outings sans Molly! Freedom! Haha. 

That's about all, folks.

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