Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Okay, Ruthie has been a full-force crazy and pushing my buttons three year old lately, but tonight she was just hilarious! She was definitely on one, and kept me laughing.

She walks into the kitchen and sees the spread of ham sandwich makings on the kitchen table for dinner. "I Lu-uh-ve it here! Mom, I really do. I just love it here! Is that cheese for me? Oh I love it here."

A little later:
"Mom, can I have more of those things?"
"More cantaloupe?"
"Yeah, I can say that: can-da-note. Hey, Will, can you say amba-lope? Can you say ante-lote, please?"
-Will says uh-huh-
"Ok, you don't have to say mamba-no, I'll say mana-toe all by myself."
(I was cracking up SO hard!)

Putting away the food:
"You're SAVING it mom? You're saving my FOOD? You are just the BEST mom! THANK YOU!"
She looks at me, I'm laughing.
"Did you hear me mom? Did you hear that? Did you hear me say thank you?"

We had banana cupcakes for dessert.
"We get a cupcake? HOORAY! HOORAY Will! Did you hear that? Did you hear me say that Will? We get a cupcake? You should be so happy Will! HOORAY!"

Washing her up from the table and I started tickling her around her tummy and told her that I was going to squeeze out all the things she had eaten, ham, bread, cheese, icing:
"I ate ALL of those things mom, I did! But you can't squeeze them out!"
"Right. All those things need to go to your arms and legs and skin to help you grow big."
"I'm going to pull that little crayon out of my tummy."
?!?! "A crayon?"
"Yeah, that little crayon that I ate."
"You ate a crayon?"
"Yeah, but I have to pull it out, or else I will grow small."

I squished two mosquitoes right in a row:
"You are the BEST catcher mom! You are so quick! You caught TWO sqeetoes, right in your hand! That's uh-MAE-zing!"

Oh the attitude. But oh the sweetness.

Which reminds me of something really sweet Will did today. He's always takes a minute to wake up, but Molly and him woke up at the same time this afternoon. So I was trying to sit them both down at the table for a snack to improve both their moods. Molly started crying as I set her in the high chair and Will, from across the table covers his eyes with his hands and says "ah!" and then peers through his fingers over at Molly to see if it helped. It was the cutest little gesture. After that he just stared around in his usual post-nap coma, as if to say, "Well, I tried, but it didn't work." He is just so cute and sweet.

And Molly? Well, I'm just glad Molly puts up with those hooligans! :)

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