Monday, October 5, 2015

Around This House

This post is exactly why I will never be a professional blogger. But I will be keeping a record of our family. Which is the most important thing, right?! So please bear with me through all of these horrible iPhone pictures (help? does anyone know why I have a nice iPhone but it takes terrible pictures still?) and just enjoy the cuteness of the children in the pictures.

I have no idea what just happened. I was trying to be cool and upload pictures from my phone. Which I know nothing about. Then I saw that blogger had an 'upload from phone' option. So I was thinking 'why did I just send all my photos to my iCloud if I could just click this button?' and then it started doing crazy things like that. Hilarious.

I know, I know blurry. But MOLLY'S FACE. It kills me. Also, she's sitting on the table. Her favorite thing lately is crawling up onto the table, standing on it, and then walking around chuckling SO LOUDLY to herself about her accomplishment. It is HILARIOUS. (and drives me crazy with worry) The only thing is sometimes she gets hung up on the chair. She crawls onto the chair, only it will be pushed underneath the table, so when she goes to stand up she'll realize she's stuck between the chair and the table and will sit there wailing for me. Haha.

Pre Conference dress-up. And yes, that is her Halloween costume. We got it for a whopping $13 and she was so in love. She wore her ballerina costume from last year to threads, and I saw no reason why we shouldn't start on this one. :) 
I spend my Friday nights PARTYING. Went through ALL The kids clothes (and a few other totes) and stashed away their previous sizes and pulled out new sizes. Unfortunately, we don't have bigger sizes for Will to pull out. I'm hoping my friend here (who gave us clothes last year) pulls through for us this year. Haha. But Will is a year younger and almost a head taller than her son, so probably not.
We babysat our little man Jackson this week for almost an entire day and Will was just SO excited to have a BOY to play with. The amount of cars and trucks and trains and monsters that went on that day--I think Will needs a brother.
Sticking out tongues.
Molly's adorable smile. And don't mind this picture--I hate when I take pictures from this direction in our kitchen. You see all of our horrible food storage behind. But hey. At least you know where to come in case of a hurricane, right?
 My phone does infinitely better outside. Today we hit up the zoo because we were enjoying some BELOW NINETY temps and we had to soak it ALL in! It's amazing to actually be able to BE outside and not melt! We did a LOT more walking and seeing animals than usual. Ruth even got cold at the splash pad (I made her go lay on a shark fin to warm up) because it was fairly breezy. Oh, fall in Miami. You remind me that Miami winter is coming. And that is a beautiful thing.
The big turtles were RIGHT next to the fence, so we had spent some quality time with them.

Ruth was THRILLED that the giraffe was wearing a tutu.

And because blogger loaded them this way, eating popcorn during the last conference session.

GAH! SHE IS THE CUTEST EVER! I pulled this 18 month romper out from the bin on Friday. Ruth wore it ALWAYS because I loved how the blue went with her red hair. I have to say, I think Molly looks almost immodest because she is SO TALL and her legs are SO SKINNY it just isn't the same as short little fat baby legs. Haha. 
Oh how I love her. 
Because setting your water bottle on the ground to drink out of the straw makes so much more sense than holding it.

I know, these photos are terrible, I'm so sorry. But when you are in the middle of FHE and your kids are just ADORABLE, you just have to grab the phone. Molly can do the actions for Popcorn Popping! We sang it three times just because she was so enchanting to watch! Oh how I love those kids!

Here she is, very seriously, folding her arms for prayer.
And that is pretty much all that has been happening around this house. 
PS Are ALL four year olds incredibly dramatic creatures?


Kayli said...

That top moving pictures thing is the coolest thing ever!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Kayli!!! And love Molly's face and Ruth's costume!! Good times.