Friday, October 23, 2015


All right folks, things are starting to get crazy because we're adding a third to the number of kids around here who can talk! Okay, that's a bit of a stretch, but Molly's "M-AH-MAAAAAAAA" screech is definitely meant for me and Hahaha. She also says "mnhk" in the exact same guttural way that Will did when he was a baby and the reminder just gets me every time. She also says a 'thank you' deep down in her throat (so much like Will!) that is the sweetest. She also says 'buh' and waves goodbye and says 'EYE!' and waves hello! My favorite thing she does right now, which isn't a word, is kissing. My other two kids gave those awesome open-mouthed kisses that just made my heart melt. Molly purses her lips real tight and makes HUGE smacking sounds when she kisses your lips. It is HILARIOUS! She'll get crazy hyper and give you tons in a row and it is just so so funny.

Will has been taking off in the speaking department like CRAZY. My favorite is when he tells me he likes something. "Me LIKE-uh dis, mama. Me LIKE-uh red." His 'k' is such a hard, hard, hard sound. As if he's putting all his little might of effort into it. So great. He is still determined to wear his undies on backwards (the pictures need to be in the front of course!) and if I do it wrong "'Nudder way, mama, 'nudder way!!!!" He uses the word 'another' all the time, which I find so enchanting and it always sounds like 'nudder'. For the LONGEST time he called Ruthie 'Dodd' and has just recently--within the past two weeks--started calling her "Rupee". I love it. I ask him to say her name all the time. I think it's because he says his 'p' sound as hard as he makes his 'k' sound. Just so much effort into that one letter! There's a lot of "Rupee, no! Me do dat!" around these parts lately.

Ruthie is a crazy girl that is getting much too grown-up in her language skills. She says hilariously mature things all the time and I always think I should write them down to remember them but I never do. One thing she does that is so funny is that instead of saying 'yesterday', 'in the past', 'a few days ago', 'a little while ago', or anyway to denote something that already happened, she says "once upon a time ago' and then continues right on with her story. "Once upon a time ago when we were at our friend's house. Mama. Mama, do you reemember that?" Haha.

The VERY BEST kidism lately that I cannot get over is Will's singing. We've been listening to Primary songs in our van for...oh the past few months. Will has started singing the very last word of every phrase very loudly. He just jumps in when the word is already half over and jovially overpowers the entire song. It is such a riot. But we've been working on I'm A Mean Old Witch because of Halloween coming up. Ruth had it memorized by the end of the meal that I started teaching it to them. It just caught Will's funny bone that he can 'get' someone at the end of the song. He LOVES it. So tonight when we were singing it at bedtime he does all the actions, makes a little hat for the witch, swings his arms around for the flying on a broom, and then he sings "My tin is POKEY and my NOSE and I'LL. GET. YOOOU!!!!" with these tiny little clawing fists that are supposed to be scary but a HUGE loopy grin on his face. The fact that he says 'pokey' instead of 'pointy' and then just sings 'NOSE' all loud and forgets all the other lyrics. HAAHAAHAA. I've got to get that on video. And you just know he thinks he is the most clever thing that ever happened because of his proud little smile the entire time. I love it. Oh I just really, really love it.

That canine-missing grin! OOOOHHHHHH I just LOOOOOOOVE it!!!
This girl is SOOOOO crazy. And tiny and hilarious and just the funniest, funniest little person. We just love love love her! Also, she was the only one who kept smiling for pictures, everyone else was too interested in their lego tower, haha.


Kami said...

Your kids are adorable. We should let our kids play sometime.

Cindy Ball said...

Aww. I miss these little ones! Thanks for sharing their cute little sayings and your way of life!

Bridget Cunningham said...

I love the kidisms! I can't believe I am just now getting around to reading this! The "once upon a time ago" just about melted my heart! Everything is a fairy tale to rupee and I love that! 😔 How long is med school again..