Thursday, October 1, 2015

Joy School&Crazy Eye

Molly had a fever one night and one morning. We had been giving her tylenol and didn't think too much of it since Sterling has been sick, and she may or may not be teething, etc. Then she woke up from her morning nap looking like this:

The picture doesn't do it justice, but if you look closely at the line/fold of her eyelid you can see the swelling and it looked pretty bad. I facetimed Sterling, and he wanted me to take her in. I couldn't find a 'bite' area for a bug or anything. So we went to the doctor. When I took off her diaper she had a rash all over her body(viral) so they figured the eye was unrelated, most likely a bug bite, and sent us home. In the morning she woke up like this:

I wanted to cry for her. This is how much she could open her eye:

Had enough? One more:

It stayed like that until well into the afternoon. Then it slowly started to get a little less swollen and by dinner time she could half-way open her eye. First thing in the morning Sterling made sure her pupils were dilating and she could focus on things (really hard to do since she could barely open her eye) since those are the things the doc said to watch for. So I think she's ok. But man, does she ever look miserable. 
These are my beautiful sunflowers that are brightening up our kitchen:

To move on to a completely new topic, we had a 'nature walk' for Joy School today. The first several lessons were all about the body. Body parts, functions of the body, the five senses, the wonderful actions our bodies perform, etc. We have now moved on to enjoying nature. So last week we made 'nature viewers' out of toilet paper rolls, and this week we headed to an awesome park with a big ol' trail wrapping all around to check out some nature. Since it was BELOW 90 degrees today (barely, and probably not by the time we left) it felt amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Except for Molly, who got NINE more mosquito bites (four on her face) to add to her eye deformity. Poor, poor girl.
Some of Annie's boys and Will racing ahead.

There were HORDES of dragonflies over the empty fields. We like dragonflies, they eat mosquitoes. It was a great thing to 'view' for the kids.
Picking up cool things to put in our paper bags. 

We saw a TON of ducks, and then came upon all these ibis's, so that was cool .
We headed to this gazebo to unload our nature goodies and see what all we had 'seen' in nature. 
I love Ruth and Claire. They are just the CUTEST friends ever.
Dumping out everything we had found.
Pokey pinecone.

We attempted to color a picture of what we had seen. The squirrels, ducks, banana spiders, lizards, etc. But then a REAL LIFE massive lizard ran by (the kind like on The Rescuer's that has the flappy thing around his head and runs on his hind legs), the likes of which we were very impressed by, and not much coloring really happened. Oh well, haha.

Watching where the lizard ran.
 We ended the activity by playing on the playground for a bit. It was a ton of fun.

Swarming the car with seven little people, haha.
It was a nice morning. I like that Joy School makes me put in a little effort to enjoy some directed time with my kids. I enjoy it. They had fun. Win, win.


Lynn said...

Wow. Her eye looked SO sore!

Bridget Cunningham said...

Reminded me of the goonies ��