Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pinecrest Gardens Story Time

A little while ago we went to a little story teller/magician at Pinecrest Gardens. We had heard it was this really great event. It was not so much. But the kids enjoyed it. That's good.
Orange fishies. Aren't those lily pads so pretty?
Football playing doctor?
They had a bunch of outfits for the kids to dress up in. The theme was 'work' and they were talking about marines that day. They had a marine there to tell them stories, so that was pretty cool. I was impressed that Ruth and Will put on their costumes, sat on their little cushions, and sat there and listened.

Now Merlina, the storyteller/magician, was pretty amazing. She reminded me of Aunt Melodie. She had all these stories memorized, but they all had rhythms and actions and sing/song melodies and were very attention-grabbing. I enjoyed them. I need Aunt Melodie to teach me some of those. The kids loved her.

Cutest little firefighter.

Clarke and Tricia were there!
Thomas kept coming up to have me take his picture. I have way too many of him, haha.
Raptly listening to the story of how that caterpillar ate and grew.
I have the cutest little boy in the world.
Molly did not pay attention, but rather explored all the 'work' exhibits.

They are doing this for six weeks, with a different 'worker' every time. So Tricia picked it for her week of playgroup and we all went again--because there were supposed to be firefighters with a fire truck! I was so excited, I thought Will would LOVE it. Turns out, they couldn't make (until two hours late) but hey, they let us go into Pinecrest Gardens for FREE so all was not lost. If we had been prepared with snacks, it would have been perfection.

Every time I go to Pinecrest Gardens it reminds me that the day before (or the night of going to the Gardens) I went into labor with Molly. It was HOT and MUGGY and SO MANY MOSQUITOES. It's never been different than that, but at least I'm not having contractions. Haha.

Good times. 

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