Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Zoo

It's cooling down around here. Meaning, it's 85 degrees instead of a sweltering 92. Don't ask me why those seven degrees are SOOO incredibly different, but in Miami, it is like life and death. Literally. 

I saw today that it is snowing at Powder Mountain. Meanwhile, I took the trash out at 7pm tonight in shorts and flip-flops and still felt like it was too muggy and hot to be out. BUT it has been nice enough to be outside and enjoy yourself. I mean, we drank four water bottles during our zoo trip...but we survived. And in August, we would not have survived. So ya know, thanks for that Miami!

We hit up the children's petting zoo this time around because we haven't in forever. Mostly because they have camel rides and the carousel over there and my kids always want to go and I always say no, so usually we just avoid that part of the zoo. But it IS fun to pet and brush the goats!

How many children does it take to brush one goat? ;)
Recently I got Will three new outfits on end-of-summer clearance (huge perk of no season changes) and they were all really cute match-y outfits. Only he has a sudden and FIRM belief in monochramaticism. So all one color it is! Haha.

My kids have never been old enough to play on this particular playground at the zoo. I tell ya what. We have had a zoo pass for a year and a half now and still find new things to do. Miami zoo is just SOOOOO massive. I love it.

Looking at the rhino.

The lion was pacing RIGHT IN FRONT of the glass. It was AWESOME!!! I convinced Will to get up right next to the glass. It was scary. I was scared.

 This bear was also out and about and he NEVER is (we usually only see the Sun Bear, and now I can't remember what this bear is). So that was exciting.

Then, because I had thought it was cool enough (it hit 90), I hadn't brought splash pad apparel so we played at the park next to the splash pad instead. The kids had a grand time, minus Ruthie who decided to feel sick and ornery and she sat in the stroller the whole time whining about the sun burning her whenever a stream of light hit her the wrong way. Sigh. 

All complaining aside, the weather really has been absolutely gorgeous lately. Ya know when you have a few weeks of winter and you just need a day where you feel the sun on your face and get burned a little? I get that feeling far too often in the winter. Don't get me wrong. I love the cold and I love the snow and I love every holiday/winterish/warm fire feeling. But I really do love that I can play outside with my kids all year round here and right now is starting to be SOOO perfect to play outside endlessly. It is just the greatest. And the Miami zoo? It will always hold such a special place in my heart. I was telling Claire's mom all the things we did and had to backtrack and retrace our steps to say something and she laughed "You really do have the route of animals memorized, don't you?" Yes, yes I do. All the massive huge area of it. Cause ya know, it's the lions, then the donkeys, then the sea otters, THEN the komodo dragon and on to the...hahaha. 


kami said...

I want to come visit you and see the zoo. It looks perfect. You can come visit us and see our pet deer that live in our yard. That's pretty cool too.

Bridget Cunningham said...

Hahahaha, The sun burning her! I know not wasn't funny at the time but she is a riot