Monday, January 11, 2016

Black Pointe Marina

I've had a dark spot in my heart for Black Pointe Marina ever since our van was broken into and my gps/diaper bag stolen while we were parked there. But due to the JOYOUS fact that we have 9-12 church time now, we have a splendid afternoon (even after gloriously long naps) to have some family time. Sterling wanted to see the ocean on our walk. I thought of Black Pointe Marina, and thought I should get over my resentment. Boy, am I ever glad I did! It was a GORGEOUS afternoon!
It wasn't really this dark outside, weird photo. 
You walk along this nice little completely shaded path for a little ways until you come out onto pure ocean. You get glimpses in-between the trees though. 

Pelicans on rocks.
End of the road.
We let the kids throw rocks forever and ever. It was the perfect spot and they love love loved it. A perfect Sunday activity. It felt so, so heavenly. Especially because we had been hit with some no-see-ums under the trees, but the breeze out by the ocean pretty much took care of that.

Watching a stork take off.
Staring off into the distance.
Throwing more rocks! 
Another stork. So gorgeous. This was looking back towards the walkway we just came out of.
I didn't even plan the pink/navy matching. But they sure do look cute. I just pulled that dress out for Molly and I remember Ruth wearing it like it was yesterday. So weird. 
One little girl and a big, wide ocean. 
Crazy cuke.
Those eyes.
Daddy trying to skip rocks. Rocks of the pebble variety are not very good for skipping. He did manage three.
Silly girl wouldn't look at me while she was smiling. And yes, those are mosquito bites all over her. Sigh. 

As we were leaving, the light turned butter-soft and it was so beautiful and perfect.
This awesome daddy took the older kids across the water to go as far out as possible. They loved it! 

That sunset was even more stunning in person. I need to learn how to adjust my camera settings, haha.

Sweetest, sweetest, sweetest thing in my life. 

A man had a stereo on his bike and was blasting this hilarious 90s music. Ruth got a little crazy. She is amazing with the moves she can pull!

 Then, randomly, on our way back we watched this lady reel in a fish! Will was so excited! The girl, however, was disgusted and ran away from her pole, haha.

Gorgeous sky.
Some mangrove swamp when we walked over a bridge.
I love 9-12 church. So, so very much. I also love being outside. The ocean and the cool weather is just this huge bonus. What a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

(we skyped with my parents that night while we ate caramel popcorn and waffles for dinner. Yeah, maybe we should have watched the time a little more closely so I would have had time to make what I originally planned. But then again, the caramel popcorn and waffles were delish.)


Bridget Cunningham said...

I feel like I only ever comment about Ruth, but that picture of her dancing is the greatest thing ever!! Love it! also the ones of Ster and Molly :) so adorable!!

Aleesha Burke said...

I want to like all the pictures but blogs don't work that way. So beautiful. And Lydia had that dress too! So cute!