Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Years

On New Years Day we went swimming in our pool. Kind of. Mostly we chickened out. I can tell you right now that it was much warmer than Bear Lake in July in Utah. But...we're getting weak here in Miami. HAHA. It was a fabulous time though! 

(First a few random photos.)
I did make a decent loaf of bread, but gluten-free flour is SO expensive. So when I made these gluten-free waffles that Sterling LOVES, we just decided to start using them like bread. He said it's delicious! WIN!
I'm posting this because WHEN DID MY BOY GET SO TALL!?!?!?!? Today he got new church pants (the ones pictured were getting short) and he looked so OLD to me. Luckily, because he has a February birthday, he gets one more year in nursery. Stop growing up little man! 

K, these pig tails last week were KILLING me with cuteness!

In church before she pulled the bows out. She's also a devious one with our translator device thingys, you have to REALLY watch her or she'll chew on them. Sigh.
 And on to swimming. Has anyone else dealt with a child who has true HYSTERIA about anything? We all know that Ruth has had her moments of hyper-emotionalness. But after riding into some spider webs at the Everglades she has gone crazy about the whole thing. She won't play in the back patio because she thinks she sees bugs so she starts SHRIEKING at crazy loud volumes (like I am butchering her or something) and she does the SAME THING in the tub. Will's socks often leave fuzzier and they float in the tub in the water. She starts flailing and wailing and going crazy. So for the past week I have to bathe her and the other kids separately so that her hysteria doesn't spread to them. (They don't even know why they are freaking out, they just do it because she is.) Oh girly, why oh why can't you understand that little teeny tiny bugs are JUST FINE?!?!

Molly was very intent on 'stirring' the pool the entire time. 
Ruth here with her goggles and water gun. Laugh/cry emoji right here! 

I think she saw an ant. Like three feet away from her. 

I guess the weather is supposed to be in the 70's this week so we might not see the pool too soon. But it has been in the high 80's forever and I SOOOOO wish they heated our pool because the rain cools it off too much for my kids to handle. Although, that means we can go to the park without dying of heat. So upsides. Also, today I survived primary on the first day of the new year. If you have ever been in a primary presidency when the first Sunday of the year rolled around, then I'm sure you can relate. Also, our primary president is MIA for four weeks. But I think we introduced the new theme splendidly and got everyone to their new classes. One little man (my good friend McKenzi's boy) moved up to Sunbeams and that's...going to take a little bit. But all in all I survived! Yay! 
Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

You're kids are soo cute!!

Hailey used to be terrified of bugs until Cassidy picked one up. Then she was ok and realized that they weren't bad. She was also scared of snakes until we went to the pet store and had a worker take one out that they could touch and then she was ok. I wonder if doing something like that for Ruth will help her understand they aren't that scary?

Miss you guys!