Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Merrie Christmas

No, it's not Christmas anymore but that's the name of the park we went to for playgroup and it was SO much fun! Tricia and I were say it has all your best features: fenced in (no escapees), no sand (can go there after rain), covered (can play in the heat of the sun), extra nice swings, etc. So basically, we need to frequent here more often! I usually go further SOUTH when I get out of the house, because north means city and city means traffic. But it wasn't bad at all and it was actually a lot closer to our house than I realized. 
Molly fell asleep in the van on the way there, poor girl never gets her morning naps. But I love that I-just-woke-up-and-am-still-stunned face.  
Ruth was SOOOO excited about the little monkey bars! She made it across the entire thing. And then said the tall ones were too hard. HAHA.

Also, it was FREEZING. Okay, yup, I admit it---I have become a BIG WUSS! It dropped below 65. It was SIXTY-TWO degrees this morning! Which actually would have felt fine, but we had our lovely Miami breeze which made it officially COLD. I mean, I was SHIVERING people and I had pants and socks and a hoodie on! (Sterling, I think we better keep thinking of places like Arizona and southern Utah to settle in because I might not survive anywhere else!)
Too funny.

 Of course that meant we had to pull out every scrap of winter clothing we owned. ESPECIALLY this adorable valentine hoodie that my sister Amy gave Molly when she was born and I thought she might never get the chance to wear it. But she DID!

Another great feature: banyan trees!

Trees equal sticks which equals endless entertainment!

You can look at this photo fifty times. It is necessary, I think, to fully appreciate HOW ADORABLE that little crazy girl is!!!!

Oh I just LOVE cheese faces that make your own face hurt!
Can we say biggest banyan tree EVER?!?!?!
Yesterday I made bread that turned out better than I think I have ever made it in Miami. HURRAY! I also made a huge batch of waffles for Sterling (to use as bread) and after FHE we had a big party in the kitchen and cut Sterling's, Will's, and Ruthie's hair. Good times. 

Right now I should be upstairs cleaning my bedroom (all this pulling out of winter clothing has made quite the disaster zone) but as you can see, I am choosing instead to waste my time on the internet. Doing important things like documenting my children's childhoods. Which is truly important. I also am glad I pulled out my camera this morning. I miss that. I've started only bringing out my camera when Sterling is along to help watch the kids. But Molly is bigger and easier now and I should get my camera out more often. 

Okay, okay, I'll go clean my room. 


Kayli said...

What's brown and sticky???

a: a stick!!! ha ha ahahaha hahaa

Also, Wyatt asked if Molly was wearing pajamas, and I said no, and he said, "What are them?" and I said, "uhh, just clothes."

Anonymous said...

over 60 degrees and wearing winter boots . . . what's with that?