Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunshine in January

Apparently Miami is experiencing CRAZY weather this winter and so we've had TONS of rain (rainy season is supposed to be in the summer, right?!?!). We've been going a little stir-crazy so when there was sunshine yesterday, we took it! They have a new exhibit in one of the buildings and we had so much fun doing something new!
I could not pump this giraffes heart fast enough to get it to it's head. Sterling did though, so I guess he can be a vet now and keep a giraffe alive!

When you flapped the wing, the chair would spin. You get some pretty great wind power.


We stayed at this water place for quite some time. We rarely go over to this section of the zoo, just because we usually opt for zebras and giraffes and things, but the kids always love it! It was 80 degrees, the sun was beaming down, the kids were all happy and it was a really great day. I love being close to a zoo!

And this one just makes a mama's heart want to burst.
Anteaters are such weird looking creatures.
 My favorite animals in the zoo! The giant river otters! I have a special touch, they like to perform so I clap and clap and they always come over to the bridge and go up and down the slide. I love it! They are so hilarious!

First time Sterling's seen this bear out and about!
On a different note, calling all moms to tell me your best secrets for sassy, defiant 4 year olds. FOUR?!?! Are we really hitting a stage like this at only four? We had quite the episode at the zoo. We came home and she lost ALL the beans from her jar (she gets two beans for doing things like making her bed, helping set the table, clearing the table, etc.) and when they fill the jar up they get an ice-cream date. It's going to take her quite some time to recover.

In brighter news, Sterling got a FABULOUS new job that he starts tomorrow. Significant pay increase and they are more than happy to have him for just a few months. He's excited to be working more with medicine and using his degree and we're just really happy about everything all around. 

On the gluten-free front: I made orange chicken in the crockpot today and it was SO delicious. But I think Sterling thought it was even more delicious than that, haha. He was unhappy Ruth took seconds because it cut down on his leftovers, haha. We also made carrot and apple salad which I thought the kids would LOVE (I mean, it's basically made of cream!) and none of them liked it. I have weird kids. 

And that's a wrap!


Kayli said...

Congratulations Sterling!!!

Anonymous said...

My kids dont like carrot apple salad either. Weird.

Lindsay Ann

Kami said...

None of my kids like that salad either. I think it's delicious.